Godaddy Online Store - Ecommerce Simplified - MOST IMPROVED

Godaddy Online Store – Ecommerce Simplified – MOST IMPROVED

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GoDaddy Online Store replaces Godaddy’s QuickShoppingCart and is a much easier to use e-commerce store builder. Some people might see the lack of features as limiting, but the platform is really designed for beginners, a for that reason, it might not compete with some of the higher end e-commerce platforms.

Check out my video for a walk-through of the GoDaddy Online Store and visit the link below for your free trial.

50 thoughts on “Godaddy Online Store – Ecommerce Simplified – MOST IMPROVED

  1. Great video. I already have a Godaddy site and am considering an on-line Shop. As an Artist however, I am keen to know how well this works for displaying art. The display boxes look small. How good is the quality. Is there a way of making images larger?

  2. How does the product get made? Do I have to make it myself and ship it out or does another platform make it and ship it out?

  3. Thank you. A very detailed and excellent job in explaining how to setup a GoDaddy store. If I may, I have two questions: 1) In the Content Block section
    (6:39 – 6:43) I noticed the URL field says "http://". Is that because you are in preview mode? When you go "live" does the link become "https://" instead of

  4. Hi, I'm not sure if I understand everything, but if I want my website to work with GoDaddy I have to pay every month for the website, the domain and the hosting? Is the hosting necessary for my website?

  5. This is all old information. Now you can add a product, photo and all other options then hit Save & Add Another Product. This is a very good product. The options for payments now are PayPal or Square.

  6. They have a process to upload products in bulk now. And now it's only $19.95/mo. I had a website already so I got the new site set up in only about 3 hours. I'm still learning however but so far very stoked.

  7. I've never used an online store made with GoDaddy. I usually use a plugin like WooCommerce to turn my websites into stores. This could be useful since I already use their website builder for blogs and websites. I remember setting up my first few websites OMG disaster. I think everyone has their own tools and methods. There is no one size fits all approach to business. I try programs and then out grow them over time. It's not any thing wrong it's just business trials and errors.

  8. If that's a toll bridge I'll take it! Great review! I've always liked GoDaddy because they answer the phone, and I've always been able to do what I needed to do with them. Now it's time for a shopping cart. My needs are basic, and it seems that GoDaddy has won this round.

  9. Don't get me wrong I work with Shopify and with the exception of the limited menu and two variations it's a great cart. The design features allows for nice customization sliders, full length logos and the like. They say they're going to make upgrades soon

  10. One thing you didn’t mention is the ability to multiple nested sub menus (Guitars> Electric> Fender>Strat). Shopify allows one drop down and it’s not clear in their tutorials how to do it but there are ones on youtube. When talking to a Godaddy’s ecommerce reps you can nest six, fifteen images and a dozen variations although I be off but it was more then one would need. You posted a good video

  11. How about ipage hosting? I could check they offer more unlimited functionality in less price also get some bad reviews for services.
    Plz tell, is Ipage worth buying or not?

  12. Hi Ryan Just found your review of Godaddy basic shop review. Do you have a more detailed tutorial on the shipping settings? I cant figure out how to make it work for showing customers shipping cost for multiple items I can only get it to show cost for 1 item, not multiples of the same item. Do I need to use the weights of items for this to work. Please can you advise. Terry

  13. i have tried all ways to link the stripe website to go daddy they seem to of removed a couple of buttons to link like as shown in the video woud anybody be able to advise how to link stripe please as even godaddy havnt got a clue.

  14. I trialed the latest VNext GoDaddy online store, and all was good until I started adding category's and sub category's.
    There is a limit of 25 category's, so if you use the sub category,s as well, there is no way it is suitable for people that are using more than 25 category's in total.
    Cannot get a concrete answer from anyone at GoDaddy to why there is a limit placed like this
    Some say yes the 25 category's is correct while others told me there was a limit of 25 in the trial, but 1000 in the full package. I did sign up, only to be told by someone else at GoDaddy that the info given was incorrect.
    Have cancelled both the trial and the renewal and still looking for a suitable platform to use
    Have you any ideas on the problems I am having

  15. Hi
    All i need is a website that people pay via credit card or direct to my bank account and then they can down load an time saving Excel file
    Would you know what could i use please
    Thank you : )

  16. Information was great and everything I was looking for. Excellent. But what really made me subscribe was the closing music.. Whaaaat! Nice taste man

  17. Thanks for posting this video, it helped me alot. I plan to sell tshirts, how do I give people the option to select size and color for tshirts?

  18. all good things about godaddy here are fake stories.People please just google godaddy complaints and reviews you will see .very simple

  19. does it allow for ppl to register so they can have access to their purchases and for easier checkout in the future?!thanks in advance

  20. As I said in the first comment.I've cancel my online free trial store after 1 week,3 weeks before the expire day but they still get money from my account and charge for the web too.Even if I did not build free trial website.

  21. On behalf of me,my bank contacted with Godaddy and open a dispute to request a refund but received no reply too.

  22. I've open a Godaddy online store.This is 1 month free trial.I've cancelled my store after 1 week free trial,3 week before the expire day.But now they still get money from my account even if my store has been cancelled.I've contacted them to request a refund but received no reply.
    Are you Godaddy's employee?Can you tell me how to get a refund in this case?
    My customer number: 107173341.Thank you.

  23. If I have a theme from different site, can I import it to go-daddy and use it as my online store template instead of using go daddy themes

  24. Derrick Garder, As you can see in the video, there aren't any options for selling electronic products on Godaddy Online Store. You may want to check out my Shopify video for that.

  25. I am considering to sell my photography online. I was considering to create a website to where someone can buy and download my photos to their computer. Does GoDaddy have an option to where I can do that? What websites would allow me to do that?

  26. Great info! Thank you soooo much. I just couldnt see myself watching these 3 hour videos on here to set up my website and store! Great Job!!

  27. Great info, Ryan! I am a techno challenged artist attempting to set up my online store. I am trying to change the main image on my theme to a pic more relatable to my product. It keeps telling me to resize or crop my image to 1200 x 600 pix, but when I do it looks distorted. Any suggestions? And do you do personal consulting? 😉

  28. Thanks for this!!  The Godaddy rep didn't tell me about the free trial, so I figured I'd have to wait until I had a little extra $$ to set up my store.  Thankfully, I ran into your video!!

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