GoDaddy Web Hosting Tutorial Made Easy for Beginners (2020)

GoDaddy Web Hosting Tutorial Made Easy for Beginners (2020)

GoDaddy Web Hosting Made Easy (2020)
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What is web hosting? What does web hosting cost? How can I setup my first website at GoDaddy? All your answers are here!

Learn costs and benefits of each GoDaddy web hosting plan, how hosting works, types of GoDaddy web hosting plans, how to get a huge GoDaddy coupon discount and free domain, and finally complete the process when you learn how to install WordPress at GoDaddy and create your first website. I challenge you to learn as much as you can then launch your first website – you’ll love Astra!

Enjoy and let me know any questions down below, thank you guys! 💓

18 thoughts on “GoDaddy Web Hosting Tutorial Made Easy for Beginners (2020)

  1. From my experience with them, they are the worst in everything. I do not recommend dealing with them or buying their products

  2. the best tutorial I have seen so far about web hosting and creation. I have been over paying with volusion and shopify for years Thanks for this!!

  3. Would we be able to add a donate tab with this web design platform. This would be for a volunteer fire department.

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  5. Hi Greg, I love your video, on everything. First, I went ahead into Godaddy tonight and got a domain, but with protection, and came out to be 20.16$. can I change that?
    also, I purchased a year on standard web builder for 143.88$ extra on top of it and had not had a web utube up yet. You had mentioned about Worldpress and Hosting, rather than webdesigner, ???? which should I pick? Worldpress? could I or can I cancel what just tonight's charges? thanks

  6. Hi!! Very interesting video glad that I came across such an informative video. I really liked your Information. @OnliveServer

  7. This Guy really very helpful tutorial delivers!!! I love your videos, sir!!!! Your information is very much appreciated……….. #onliveserver

  8. Hi Gred, the basic managed wordpress is 12 dollars, but it says: Renews at 9.99 monthly- Does it mean you have to pay monthy 9
    99 dollars apart from the 12 dollar price?

  9. I have got a great solution to web hosting services. Hey, man keep sharing your greatest videos for helping us. and #onliveserver is also watched your videos, it's really appreciated.

  10. Mindblowing, wonderful tutorial, you share with us! This is an amazing superb video Keep Sharing this…

    Thanks, a lotttttttt!!!! #OnliveServer

  11. I don't understand how I was lucky enough to fall onto this video but holy smokes, your coupon code is incredible. Thanks for the great content too!

  12. Hey Greg… thank you that was helpful. Just a question, if I already bought a domain from Godaddy, can I still get a discounted price for website with emails. ? t

  13. Hey Folks! I've been getting quite a few questions like does GoDaddy offer hosting, how does hosting work with a domain, and what's the best web hosting plan at to install WordPress at GoDaddy. So I made this video for you. Hope this helps … ask me more questions in the comments!

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