GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial 2021 [How To Build A Website On GoDaddy]

GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial 2021 [How To Build A Website On GoDaddy]

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In this GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial I will show you step by step How To Build a Website on GoDaddy. [Complete Guide]

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0:00 Hi there!
0:57 Sign Up
3:11 Themes
4:25 Colors
6:55 Fonts
7:50 Buttons
8:21 Hero Section & Nav Bar
17:38 Sections
21:56 Email Marketing
24:30 Blog Posts
27:10 Social Links
28:32 Website Messaging
29:30 General Settings
32:53 Test Website
33:22 Publish

The godaddy website builder is definitely one of the easiest website builders I have used to build a professional and beautiful looking website. This a the perfect platform for beginners that want to get their website up and running as fast as possible and don’t want to spend hours building everything themselves. Godaddy has a good amount of good looking website themes you can choose from and then you can customize each part of your website however you like. So if you’re looking to build a website on godaddy, this godaddy website builder tutorial is perfect for you!

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24 thoughts on “GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial 2021 [How To Build A Website On GoDaddy]

  1. Please don't tell me you're reading the comments without having smashed the like button yet 🧐 …anyway what are you building a website for?

  2. Pretty good tutorial, will rewatch. Takes a lot of the anxiety out of building a website. Thank you.

  3. Do you recommend getting all 6 google ad certifications or are there only a few of them that are useful?

  4. Hi. What a good tutorial to help me figure out how to improve my page. It's been sitting dormant for awhile as I have just felt overwhelmed by all sorts of internet information on how to build my following. Mahalo for this video.

    Do you know if godaddy has a way to add in two facebook pages? I have my martial arts and fitness pages separate and I'd love to add them both into my Godaddy web page. Mahalo for your time and help.

  5. hello I want to ask is the standard plan have your own email address for free or pay extra? like [email protected]? Thank you very much
    PS when you do the check out I saw come with 365 mail for free

  6. Hlo bro iam Shiva from India
    Iam impressed by ur tutorials
    Can I take ur suggestions in affiliate marketing as I a beginner
    Can u help me out😍
    Can u plz give me ur email so I can be in touch with u 😊
    Love from india

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