19 thoughts on “Google Cloud DNS

  1. I bought my domain from google. I followed your steps and deployed my wordpress website on google cloud. But my website domain name is not active. When I type my domain name on browser, my external ip address appears on browser instead of my domain name. But my website is available. It is more than 2 days to set my domain and Cname record. Do you have any idea, how can I arrange it? or should I wait ? Thanks.

  2. @zdenko i followed your steps. My when i browse my domain , it redirects to google cloud hosted application. It should not redirect, rather it should just point to cloud hosted application.

  3. Thanks..With this video I was able get past tech barriers. BTW much easier to do this on google cloud then AWS, just my opinion though.

  4. i have an issue with mine because it still displays the ip in the address bar instead of the www.example.net

  5. Thanks! You helped me a lot. Is there a way to redirect the www.example.net domain to example.net in google dns?

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