Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

How to quickly setup the FileZilla FTP client to remotely manage files for websites running on Google Cloud Platform.

If you experience FTP permission issues, check out the solution here:

If you are looking to configure your SSH Keys using the Cloud SDK gcloud command-line-interface, check out that tutorial here:

Putty installation:

FileZilla installation:

View the full tutorial with each command listed individually with images:

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49 thoughts on “Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla

  1. hi please tell which folder or file has complete website backup that we shall require to upload on new hosting like bluehost etc. so we should download accordingly

  2. I just got this when i tried t edit de file Erro: /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-config.php: open for read: permission denied

  3. thanks, I was able to see the files with ftp , but not able to upload due to access restrictions. Is there away to add the rsa account to access all the files?

  4. Strange, i cannot connect to SFTP – Error: Could not connect to server 🙁

    Status: Connecting to XX.XX.XXX.XX…

    Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=9

    Command: keyfile "C:UsersadminDropboxwrkkeysputty-key.ppk"

    Command: open "[email protected]" 22

    Error: Could not connect to server

  5. google drive doesnt have "compute engine" that I can find. Finally found it! Nothing in metadata. Have to setup some type of biling account. ID verification THEN Put money into it!

  6. i tried to upload files after completing this tutorial – but it says i don't have permission – suggestions?

  7. excellent – this is not the first time you have helped me and made something complicated look simple. Thank you

  8. Hi,
    Iam getting the following error:
    Error: FATAL ERROR: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

    Error: Could not connect to server

  9. I did connected successfully, thanks your sharing,

    yet there have one question is,

    I can't not sent my files to there, don't know how to figure out it.

    please tell me, grateful.
    > I was trying to upload my bitnami wordpress theme.

  10. We have installed FTP as per video word press is click to deploy, however not able to find wordpress file in ftp. Pls suggest. there are two errors root permission denied.

  11. Excellent tutorial! We have created 120+ tutorials, included: "How to configure FIleZilla Pro to connect to Google Cloud Storage " Go to:

  12. hi is very great tutorial, but how to change rename folder name? coz currently i face this issue " There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions." and i didn't receive any email. so i want to try rename the plugins 1 by 1. hope fully u can guide me tq

  13. Got a fatal error: FATAL ERROR: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

    Any tips?

  14. My website was stuck on a maintenance mode and the instruction I read online is to delete the “.maintenance” in file manager, how can I access the file manager in google cloud Platform?

  15. You are the best. I solved a few of my problems. Simple and clean, thank you.
    And your pronunciation is good for being a Youtube teacher 😀
    Thanks god he is not talking with Indian accent 😂

  16. "So i'm gonna click 'Generate' and I'm gonna move my cursor around in this gray area. This will generate the key file…." LOL

  17. Helpful video! Thank you!
    Do you happen to know the name of the file where the html documents are stored?
    I just can't find my simple html files after upload in Filezilla.

  18. You didn't show us where in all them directories the home directory is for the website? You stop short on your video's every time. You do make good videos and I'm making slow progress but one video just leads to the next. Craziness. Setting up Google Cloud is so difficult for people just starting out.

    You forgot to tell us that you DON'T HAVE WRITE PERMISSIONS.

    To enable write permissions go to SSH in VM Instances, once you're inside SSH you type in the following.

    sudo chmod 777 /var/www/html and it'll enable write permissions. When you're done with what you need to do change it back to 755

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