Google Cloud Platform on a shoestring budget (Google I/O '18)

Google Cloud Platform on a shoestring budget (Google I/O '18)

Sometimes you make technical decisions for performance. Sometimes you make them for simplicity, or even for “coolness.” And sometimes, you need to make decisions based on costs. This session throws out all other considerations and shows you how to accomplish the most common cloud tasks as cost-effectively as possible. If you’re looking to store data, stream media, and secure your content on a showstring budget, this is the talk for you.

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29 thoughts on “Google Cloud Platform on a shoestring budget (Google I/O '18)

  1. God I hope for you you make big money in Google because this video is more clear than the sky in the mountain.

  2. Note: this talk only applies to projects hosted in the US regions since the important free quota items only apply there. Read carefully:

  3. Colt McAnlis's tweets about people issues in tech are even more insightful –

  4. Why are storage and bandwidth still so expensive on the major cloud providers compared to providers like OVH and Digital Ocean? For media heavy applications GCP and AWS are not competitive. 1 TB of egress on DO is only $5 and that includes the instance. OVH is unmetered and normally a 250Mbps pipe per server / instance.

  5. i would love to hear about google app engine flex.. maybe an article from you would help

    especially for multiplayer game server…lowering the cost is wonderful for indie

  6. Awesome presentation. Many companies are still afraid to get into the cloud for fear of costs. This tips can help easing the transition, starting with a cheaper smaller footprint and gradual growing.

  7. Hi, what about the load balancer pricing? the first 5 forwarding rules is $18 for 720 hours month.

  8. E mais uma detalhe importante só sei falar e ler o idioma Português e seus vídeos veio todos em Inglês ? e as letrinha da legenda estão sendo projetados e inserido novo texto Rápido de mais. Porem Eu não quero reclamar e sim retendo tudo que puder para conseguir ajudar outros.

  9. Se é para aumentar seu ensino para nós então que tal, vocês urgente criar uma sequencia como eu já expliquei mil vezes que devam criar a pagina de exposição do produto ensino tutorial e do outro lado o correto sistema completo para esse futuro cliente ir formando a sua interação e integração usando o sistema do Google cloud Platform para ir criando e salvando e observando se ficou bom e na sequencia demonstrar para ser avaliado pelo Google Clould Platform ok ok ok. Será que serei obrigado sair daqui e ir Pessoalmente dentro do Google no Cloud Platform para pedir essa ajuda e demonstrar o quantos milhões de clientes super interessados iguais a mim surgirão? Pois aqui, depois que entrou a tela perdeu as lateralidade, Esquerda, ficando como uma fita infinita não sei se isto é o certo ok.

  10. We need some good Google Photos APIs to work with and then instead of using Youtube we can just use that. Since I keep almost all my photos/videos in there already especially for my personal sites it would be super easy to manage

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