24 thoughts on “Google Cloud Server Setup – STEP by STEP

  1. Thanks for the amazing detailed video but please I have few questions to ask for more clarification. 1. After creating the vps, can I upgrade some preferences like RAM size afterwards? 2. For running multiple forex trading accounts with EA robots, what features are necessary for proper functioning of the vps? 3. Whenever I encounter the error message which says “can not connect to server for one of these reasons” during re-login, what do I do from the google cloud platform to make it right? 4. Please do you have any comprehensive video or article or a book that explains everything about windows vps? Thank you!😊

  2. Connection to remote PC was lost. We’re trying to connect again. I keep getting this and everything freeze until the connection is back, any suggestions?

  3. Can you help me out? I'm stuck setting up my server. I can't get the remote desktop part figured out. It's not working for me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  4. Hey bro, for some reasons when i test my proxies on my server they are failing like crazy. These are dcs as well and really really good proxies. Any idea why?

  5. TO ANYBODY WITH THE ISSUE OF HAVING THE WRONG PASSWORD – when you set your windows password for the first time, it will popup with a username, change that username to something simple. After you OK the username, it then gives you the password. Copy that password, and when you boot up, it will show the username of a nonexistent computer cloud. Change that username in more options on windows, and there should be that option on Mac as well. Then you can paste the password. Msg me if you're still confused.

  6. i get a black screen when i open the rdp file and it pops up with a terminal saying administration, how do I fix

    fixed my shit lol thanks

  7. What's up man? Thanks for the video. Everything worked well for me but I ran into 1 major issue and was hoping you would be able to help me with it. When I went to make the connection from the VM Instance to the server I created, I typed in my username and the exact password it gave me. It keeps telling me my credentials used to connect to (IP Address) did not work and to enter new credentials. Do you have any insight on this?

  8. hi im trying to setup google server and when i get to the end after i put server name and password im getting a error that i cannot connect any suggestions i appreciate the feedback

  9. Windows vm instances are not included with the free trial to use them first enable billing on your account? Thats what it tells me any way u can help me get passed this i have my card on there

  10. Do i really need to download the rdp file? as i dont know if i can continue without it.

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