33 thoughts on “Google Compute Engine – Ten Minute Test Drive: Set Up your own Web Server

  1. please guide me, i have installed plesk on centos, when ever i enter the url with port number it converts the url name to the instance name of the webserver like when i browse https://www.example.com:8443 it convert the url to https://VM-InstanceName:8443

  2. This video is a little dated now … things have changed on the screens so much you should consider taking this down and making an update.

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  6. True not everyone will need it, but it wouldn't cause an issue for those who didn't want it, and I suspect the majority of people hosting on compute engine are going the web server route.

  7. The price is too granular. It makes it hard when it comes to pitching to marketers. They want a fixed fee. This is one of the reasons for which I charge people more – always better to overestimate.
    Until I require more processing power, I'll stick to Linode.

  8. Nope. I rent a server from a provider in Florida for 190mo. It has 8 cores, 8 GB of ram, 300GB Raid 5 storage, and 10TB of transfer. The same service from Google (from the first page searching google for "google compute engine cost" and a google page) would cost 470 per month for the n1 highcpu 8 d (although it has more storage) plus 1830 for transfers. Of course for "persistent disk" you need to add another 30 plus IO which I have no idea on. So.. 190 vs 2330 or 12.264x more

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