Google Domains Review: 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch Today!

Google Domains Review: 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch Today!

Are you wondering which is the best domain name registrar out there? Here are 9 reasons why I consider ‘Google Domains’ as the best domain name registrar and why you should switch to Google Domains today!
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38 thoughts on “Google Domains Review: 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch Today!

  1. There is another benefit. When you create an email with your domain that you register with Google, your emails are less likely to end up in the Gmail spam folder.

  2. Well one thing you've missed is once you've created a Google domain you can't transfer it to you Squarespace website for at least 60 days! Any help to get around this would be appreciated

  3. After 3 hours fight with my pc lol ! Finally i find a right video.
    Question.. When i buy donain from google as you said , with one CLICK verify and thats it? Give an asnwer asap please! THANKS!
    I buy namecheap and yes is tired the transfer from one site to the other…

  4. OK Pramod, so I'm sold on Google for domain name registrar. Unfortunately their Website Builder does not have any templates and very few tools for designing the website. So who would you suggest for (1) Website Hosting and (2) Website designing. I am a professional who needs to showcase my work, the scope of my services, offer appointment bookings and offer some staples for sale online (with a payment gateway like Razorpay etc.

  5. I was notified that google domains is available in my country and I'm very interested in their prices because register and renewal fees are The SAME! That's a first since usually renewal prices are so expensive. Came here to see further review of the service.

  6. Never go to Godaddy… Once you check availability, you have to buy immediately or they will reserve in their name and make you pay more Money for the name you wish… I checked name and then when tried to buy after two three days, it was registered with Godaddy.

  7. Lots of time saved!!!
    Message to YouTube:-

    please do yourself a favour by making this video reach more beginners and non techies.

  8. hey im in a non available country for google domain can i use the domain if from a non available country???
    if i have a billing address from oneof the available countries???

  9. you cant compare google domains with namecheap based on verification alone, namecheap is waaay better in service provision

  10. how much google charges for domain hosting? can i connect from google to shopify? is it allowed to transfer your domain from google if you want? thanks.

  11. Ok ok, I'm picking google. If anything goes wrong, it's your fault. JK.
    Thank you for this video. I was wondering why you were talking so fast, forgot I had 2x speed activated. XD

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