GOOGLE DRIVE | How To Get Direct Link To A File – Ideal For Web Dev (HTML, CSS)

GOOGLE DRIVE | How To Get Direct Link To A File – Ideal For Web Dev (HTML, CSS)

– How to Get the Direct Download Link for a Google Drive File
– Display files stored in Google Drive on a website
– Create Direct Links to your Files on Google Drive
– Host images / files on google drive
– Google drive tips

Non direct link – see: “open?id=”

Direct link – change to: “uc?id=”
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By – Kingsley Chimezie
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18 thoughts on “GOOGLE DRIVE | How To Get Direct Link To A File – Ideal For Web Dev (HTML, CSS)

  1. This method doesn't seem to work anymore but I've figured out an alternative and I will upload a video soon!

    Here is the new version:
    Scheduled for viewing on 29th of June 2020:

  2. Hum, I'm a bit lost. Google is not generating a link that has "/open?id=…). Instead it's "………." Any helpful tips in this case?

  3. I looked for this for ages!!! Thank god, somehow, I stumbled on your video!! Hahaha

    I am using this to create RSS feeds of mp3 files and open them in a podcast app. I download videos of lectures from youtube, convert them to mp3, upload on google drive and then use the direct link (which only now I know how, thank you again!) to create the feed. So special!

  4. This works great for smaller files, but I was wondering how to do this with larger files. I have done this with short videos and it works great. I just want to know if there is some sort of setting or something I can do so I can use an hour long video. Any help is appreciated.

  5. thanks a lot i wasnt getting a direct link for my html file with ur open replced by uc technique i got that thanks

  6. Omg thank you!!!!!!! I have been trying to do an upload file system for days!!!! This is so much easier. Would I be able to connect to a folder as well?. I was trying to do an upload file system and it wasn't working. Do you know a way I can upload to google srive? Or another htnl file? Of you don't mind, can you lend me some assistance? I am doing my senior capstone and it's killing me!

  7. Thank you very, very much! This is just what I've been looking for.
    You saved me hours of work and further investigation.

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