9 thoughts on “GopherCon 2019: Russ Cox – On the Path to Go 2

  1. whatever they do, i hope kernighan writes a second edition of the go book and a big red "GO 2" stamp graphic gets added to the cover

  2. The check/handle idea was basically a reinvention of ON ERROR GOTO from Basic, which has been long considered bad language design. Why lol

  3. I would rather have more lines of code that are simple than fewer but more complex. This was the mistake of Spring in Java. It is a royal pain to debug and troubleshoot. Please keep Go simple

  4. 27:33 "Nearly all of the hard work of converting existing go usage and tools to modules is caused by [moving away from GOPATH]"

    uh. respectfully disagree. very very very strongly.
    everyone using dep / glide / etc have already been avoiding GOPATH like the plague it always has been, and have used their vendor folders exclusively. the semantic changes of versions in go modules, and conforming to go's compatibility definitions (or more commonly: failing to do so), have been hundreds or thousands of times more work in my experience.

  5. It's great to know that at least one project in this world doesn't mindlessly shove features in and actually undertakes a lot of effort to think about what goes in and, perhaps more importantly, what goes out.

    The plan9 mindset and approach to work is still there.

  6. the same problems with dependencies had npm in node and nuget in dotnet and I presume many others 🙂 welcome to the club 🙂

  7. I was very hopefull to have better readability with a simplified err check. Wouldn't having both: a simplified err check and a conventional err check solve the raised issues?

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