Heroku Express App Vs Netlify Serverless App - Free Node.js Hosting

Heroku Express App Vs Netlify Serverless App – Free Node.js Hosting

Let’s learn how to host a Node.js app for free using the Heroku service. After that we’ll look at a completely different and increasingly popular approach called serverless (using a free Netlify account).

0:00. Intro
1:57 Heroku
10:53 Limitations of Free Heroku Plan
14:39 Netlify & Serverless
31:24 Outro

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23 thoughts on “Heroku Express App Vs Netlify Serverless App – Free Node.js Hosting

  1. Hello can anyone help me here please? I have a node js app that i want to deploy on a shared hosting service that only supports php and mysql.. is there way to install node js and run my backend ?? I only have access to uploading files via ftp and i was only able to upload my front end 😔

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  3. Wow Great, I was looking for the same content, its been long i haven't seen you, i remember when in 2017-2018 i was learning things from your courses, you and traversy made my learning really easy, i have no words to thank you brother

    i have also one request, i just recently started my channel, if you don't mind your little actions on my channel (sub, like, comment) will help youtube algorithm to show my videos in suggestion, if possible do support me Thank you so much 💕❤

    here is my last video i just published last night

  4. hi brad, can you make a video on typescript and how to configure it with projects like node, react (which doesn't support out of the box)

  5. Hi Brad, thanks for the lecture. I know you have briefly touched DevOps and Linux, please could you explain where does CMS fit in? This seems to be essential to build a fully functional website from scratch.

    Also, I would really appreciate it if you name the track played during the outro in this video, I have noticed you have used this track in other videos.

    Keep doing the good work. Thanks.

  6. Hi, Sir I m you big fans your teaching method is awesome, I created Next.js app now I don't know how to deploy it on my server by Filezilla software please help me

  7. Cool video, totally relevant for me right now. I am running an Express App on Heroku, and was on the lookout for similar services.
    It would be super cool if you did a more in-depth one on Netlify, maybe even with an example on how to migrate an Express App with all your endpoints.

    I also wonder how Netlify functions would work with something like Mongoose / MongoDB? In my Express App I have a single mongoose connection shared by multiple endpoints to read from my DB. How would that work with Netlify / or how would you handle DB access?

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