2 thoughts on “Hetzner Cloud – lots of cloud for a little money

  1. People, do not use their service! they made a mistake and (Hetzner themselves) ordered an expensive server which I did not ask for. 5 minutes after I received the email I asked them to remove it 1. because it is a mistake 2. because I couldn't see it in my admin panel.

    They didn't remove it, yet… 1 month later they send me a huge invoice.

    I contacted customer service multiple times and they wont help me, I have to pay the invoice for a product I never ordered or used.

    They have no proof (I asked for it) that I ordered it. They have nothing, yet they want me to pay the invoice.

    Hetzner is a bad company that tries to take your money, they scam you and offer ZERO customer service.

    Even after contacting them more then 5 times, explaining them what happened they still refuse to help or compensate me in any way possible.

    DO NOT trust this company, DO NOT use their services.

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