HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Salt Lake City UT | 801-803-6934 | HIpaa Video Conferencing Utah

HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Salt Lake City UT | 801-803-6934 | HIpaa Video Conferencing Utah

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YipTel delivers the easiest and fastest way to connect clinics and

specialists with powerful personal interactions. Now Professionals,

doctors, and patients can communicate face to face from virtually any

device, (phone, pc, mac, laptop, room systems and immersive theaters)

anywhere in a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant environment.

Enjoy high definition audio and video quality with the YipTel Meeting

Suite powered by Polycom

YipTel provides the highest levels of encryption, allowing specialists

and patients to communicate in a secured and safe environment. YipTel

is HIPAA compliant and offers the perfect solution for medical offices

looking to provide billable personal interactions with their clients.

YipTel delivers static Virtual Meeting Rooms that include unlimited

access with the option to upgrade to Cloud Axis. Polycom RealPresence

Cloud AXIS Suite lets you easily arrange future meetings by

automatically sending emails and calendar invitations, including a web

link for simple click-to-connect.

YipTel is the first carrier to deliver a presence-aware global

directory that integrates Facebook, Skype, and Google Talk contacts.

This enables you to IM your contacts to join a secure, impromptu


Studies have shown that video solutions within a business dramatically

improve productivity, deliver powerful ROIs, and increase sales

conversions. It’s all about connecting people anytime, anywhere with

the power of the Cloud. YipTel Meeting Suite allows you to connect on

a HD video/audio conference with the added benefits of application

sharing, integrated chat, and presence integration. YipTel TeleHealth

Meeting Suite is available on mobile devices, in a web browser, at

your desk, or in the Conference Room.

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HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Salt Lake City UT | 801-803-6934 | HIpaa Video Conferencing Utah

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