Home Server Hosting - Should You Do It Or Not?

Home Server Hosting – Should You Do It Or Not?

This is the first video in a new series I will be working on taking you through the considerations you need to think about before you try hosting your own web server, mail server, or game server at home. This is easy to do at home if you have a good internet connection, an old computer, a firewall, and some computer skills. My son hosts a minecraft server, for example, and he is only 11.

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49 thoughts on “Home Server Hosting – Should You Do It Or Not?

  1. nice video sir i like and subscribe your channel ..sir i have a problem please can you solve ? i have a mobile game name is LUDOKING its only 50 mb small size game for play with family its about 1-6 number come in dice randomly..i can hack dice with old version even with online and offline both time i hack dice number by own wish 1 to 6 number and i get it by hack by Gameguardian hack tool ..company now update new version and close old version to use for us people but in this new version i cant hack with online player own dice number ..only work hack with computer offline player bcoz out any security maybe. but still i know only how to start old version of this ludoking game apps until.. .now nobody can use this old version of ludo king 2.4… but now i can use even old version too …. but company disconnect old version server from that new version ..then when we try to play with old version 2.4 and try join friend room code and play with online friend from new version player who play online ..its message come ..this room code version mismatch bcoz u use old server ..so can you try to edit server location or code in old version apps ? bcoz if old version apps again connect to now new version server then i can hack easy again even with online multiplayer or play with online friend by room code joining ok
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  2. lol this is cool I will put my IT in practice too instead of theory only I will try to setup at least one server soon

  3. How do you host 2+ websites from home?

    If my ISP provides me only 1 external IP, and my websites both use ports 80/443, what do I need to get it to work? Source port config? Reverse proxy?

  4. I don’t see the point of doing this if you have to pay $5-15 a month for an IP address, I can get hosting for less than that.
    I don’t get it, IP address should be a one time fee, like when you register a name with your county.

  5. Never going to be profitable??? Im on my 5th rack and still expanding. Its very profitable if use them for the right things.

  6. I run a knife sharpening business and have a website – just one page – and it didn't make sense to buy hosting just to display one single static html page. So I played around a bit and am hosting that page directly from my home desktop PC. It's IIS and Windows 10. I also made sure to buy a battery backup for my desktop PC. So far so good! If I was running a serious business website I would never host at home.

  7. okay so I'm not understanding what the whole point of the video was if the whole video was you explaining to us how to host a website yourself but then at the end sang Don't host the website

  8. I have an old pc and I want to start hosting an website but what software/programs I need? I can't find on inthernet

  9. Your right ! all the costs on you ! for who ! not to mention the work ! good for telling the truth ! we need more of this kinds of honesty ! Every thing is all about the money not for the betterment of Mankind! the people without Money ! thanks LDS re-alliance !

  10. Considerations:
    Cost (electricity, DNS leasing)
    Room gets hot
    Time (rental may be more effective for you)

  11. I paid $300 for 3 years for Web server, with the home one you spend $360 a year only for electricity.
    Clearly not a good choice

  12. I am considering setting up a home server. I am building an application on aws which I plan on delivering for free so I want to minimize the cost to myself. The app will require a pretty powerful instance once it is launched but the real problem is storage. Because of the way the app works it needs approx 4TB of attached storage, directly accessable to from the file system of the nodejs server. With these requirements, it starts looking like my EC2 instance is going to be costing me over $1000 a month which is just not doable. The thing is, even the smallest EC2 instances offer over 1000 Mbps upload speed, which is also important as my app is a streaming media app. How can someone who is hosting a home server achieve the upload speeds necessary to serve streaming video to many users at once?

  13. HI me too I try to creat a Server Hosting on windows sever 2019 but I can't ping out side of my network the ping is always <1 could you help me please thank.

  14. Debo elegir muy bien que hosting elegir, no vaya a ser que gaste de más. Este artículo también me ayudó a entenderlo mejor —> https://internautas21.com/que-es-hosting-de-una-pagina-web/

  15. Nice Sharing. I Liked it. I am personally planning to deploy my own complete hosting solution services. If you don't mind can you please share what is the best solution for securing network and server's and which is the best email server, I need to use because I am planning to use Linux based email server.

  16. HAHAH My ISP wants $30/mo per static IP today, in 2019. LOL… I got it negotiated in my 1gbps symetrical connection with a decent deal.

  17. TLDW: some weird dude flexes about how smart and wonderful his home hosting is, and how other people probably shouldn't do it because they aren't as awesome as him.

  18. I am interested to know how to setup a web hosting using old desktops. The 2nd part of this video (https://youtu.be/JM1heYX2xww)

    I have the following.
    1.An static ip.
    2.old pc

    I don't have the firewall. How much that costs?

    All the other things mentioned in this video I have it figured out

    I can ping from anywhere to that static ip but the webpage is only showing inside my home network.

    Can you help me fixing the problem?

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  20. The thing to consider is what you want to do with it how much bandwidth you need and how secure it needs to be Bandwidth in computer networking refers to the data rate supported by a network connection or interface. Most hosting companies offer a variety of bandwidth options in their plans from 1 G to 100 G, some hosting companies even offer unlimited bandwidth. So exactly what is bandwidth as it relates to web hosting.

  21. Maybe u can get a job for trove and help them get off there mcdonalds goodwill servers theres fucking servers are trash

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