Host websites for FREE on HEROKU | 2020

Host websites for FREE on HEROKU | 2020

Today we are going to see how we can host websites for free on Heroku.

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24 thoughts on “Host websites for FREE on HEROKU | 2020

  1. Thnx yr bahut shi btaya…i m making Line app bot…uske liye heroku se deploy krna tha
    One thing though, can we make new files inside our repo hosted on heroku using our deployed python or php script ??

  2. Hello, I am recieving an error when I try to host my website. Use html,css, and javascript to code my website. Any thoughts on that?

  3. Seemed like a helpful tutorial. but please remove the music. I simply could not watch it to the end. If I want background music I play it in another process and I can choose the music I like. It would be nice if you could upload this video again without the background music.

  4. what if I only have HTML, CSS & PHP + image files? When Heroku cannot detect the buildpack? Oh I think you just answered that in the last few minutes! Thanks for your video. Looks like a good option to learn.

  5. In second way it's not possible if we use frameworks, as frameworks have many files . Github has a limit of 100 files. What's the solution?

  6. Great video sir. I am looking for a contact form with file upload feature to send on to my mail I'd with a static html and javascript without server code. Its required for my created static site and deployed on netlify. I hope I would get an assistance here.

  7. When I click on "view" after deploying, it is showing a blank page instead of my website. Why is that and what is the solution?

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