Hosted UniFi Controller Setup on Vultr

Hosted UniFi Controller Setup on Vultr

How to set up a hosted UniFi Controller on Vultr.

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43 thoughts on “Hosted UniFi Controller Setup on Vultr

  1. Thank you Chris. I followed the instructions in this video and I was able to host unifi on the vultr server but in the updated blog post where you talked about configuring UFW you mentioned locking down connections to ports. I'm a bit confused here. Is the IP address in mention the server IP hosting the controller or IP address of the device accessing controller?

  2. Great idea of deploying the controller. One more thing that I wanna know is can we use the USG as a firewall and NAT of the network with package inspection? is Edgerouter the only way ? Thanks for making this video.

  3. Hey Chris, Just wanted to let you know that step 11 when installing Java doesn't work. Keeps telling me that the "public key is not available". How do I get the new keep to make this work?

  4. careful with that ip on vultr. for me i keep gettng the same one. i have to stop using for 1 day or so till someone alse takes it.

  5. Video guide is so helpful… however, am stuck on the java install since Oracle appear to be charging for it now?

  6. Great video Chris as always you share you outlook and knowledge on these topics. Regarding this install how would an upgrade be performed–I see 5.10.19 is out.

  7. I understand why you would want to host your controller in the cloud. But how do you connect your security gateway and other devices to the cloud to be controlled by your cloud controller?

  8. hi, sorry if only i need to control two networks, what difference makes if i have a cloud key connect all time in my house switch and adopt remotely all the devices in the other network? thanks

  9. Hi, i seem to get an error when installing java,. can someone help?
    download failed

    Oracle JDK 8 is NOT installed.

    dpkg: error processing package oracle-java8-installer (–configure):

    subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

    Errors were encountered while processing:


    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  10. I hope you have time to reply to this or another subscriber does. Why are all / most of the unifi controller how to video done on linux with so much command line stuff. What's wrong with setting it up on a virtual windows box, wouldn't updates to controller be easier down the road? I have ours on AWS as ubuntu also just because that's what all / most of the walk through are on. Just curious is all. Big thx for all the videos you post I'm a big fan and have followed for well over a year

  11. I continue to be blown away by your content and meticulous tutorials.

    Question? If I land at a site with no connection on WAN how do I even access the UniFi Controller at Vultr? Do I have to restore a backup to UniFi Controller running on my laptop change the gateway settings before equipment can access.

    Come to think of it the Security Gateway has a GUI for gateway settings accessible via IP address, yes?

  12. A fair warning to those wanting to setup UniFi Controller on 16.04 and the latest version of UniFi Controller 5.9.29 on Vultr is that install an SSL Certificate is broken and will not work I had tried for hours wondering what the hell is going on and after some research found out that there is an issue with 5.9.29 and installation of SSL Certificate.

    What I found out is that you need to install an older version of UniFi Controller (2 versions back) first then install the Cert then upgrade this for some reason works so I am not 100% sure as to why this is occurring. However this is for those who are having issues with installing SSL.

  13. Great timing, I was just about to build my unifi controller on a hosted vps… I wouldn't have done most of those first steps, so thanjs for pointing them out.
    Great vid

  14. Hi Chris, another fabulous video. I have followed other internet instructions to achieve this and got fed up of ending up with a non-working instance (so much so, that i ended up installing a windows instance on AWS with the Windows unifi controller on it); but your instructions just work – thank you.
    I am a fan of your vids, i would like to see one on openldap which i am using for Freepbx phone book with the Panasonic KX-HDV handsets; however i wanted more than one administrator (one for each seperate phone book) i failed miserably, although it is up and running with one administrator.

  15. ssh is built into Windows now. Putty is not necessary. May be useful for someone who doesn't use Linux regularly and doesn't want to download another program

  16. Hi, Harold is right. Haveged creates entropy witch inturn speedsup the ceation of random numbers. The random numbers are used to create encription keys. So is does not speedup unifi but the ability to encript the communication. You do not need haveged if you do not use encription. Background. Every Opperating system creates random numbers using hardisk access, keyboard input etc. Haveged usses more internal systems like cach, system clock etc. On a pysical device that is no problem on a virtual system is might be a problem because the sources are all software controled (by virtual host). This could result in predicteble numbers eg less secure encription. A hardware generator like pfsence usses would be the better option for good encription.
    Ps im not a native english speaker so excuse my writing.

  17. 12:27 This is why I like Linode – they have a way to get into the local console of your VMs in case you lock yourself out. Also useful if you want to do a full distro upgrade or restore.


  19. No steps on Let's Encrypt? What the shizzle? So is Vultr your new go-to or are you sticking with Digital Ocean?

  20. 19:05 the haveged package has something to do with entropy for encryption key generation if I remember correctly. I also believe it should be installed BEFORE installing unifi as it actually does something during the install phase. Basically: normal, physical, computers have a way of creating 'entropy', or random data. This data is used by encryption software to ensure total randomization of keys. Virtual computers, like this VPS, don't generate entropy. During key generation the computer creates the entropy manually. This process takes up a lot of time. Haveged (somehow) speeds that up.

    More info here:

  21. a couple things on `sudo`, while logged in as root you don't need to use sudo on any command and in my experience the password that is needed when using sudo is the user's own password, not the root password

  22. Haveged is a packages that generates extra entropy for your system. It's basically a random number generator that uses the HAVGE algorithm.

  23. Love these videos Chris.

    While I'm not gonna do Cloudhosting for my workplace, we are currently hosting our Unifi-controller on a Windows machine. Since we are doing some upgrades next week, one of my projects are gonna be to migrate the controller to a Ubuntu machine. I'm not that strong in Linux, but these guides makes it easy.

  24. Would you consider doing a followup as to how to add/transfer sites? I'm looking at using your thorough guide here to get off of as I have 9 sites. Also, which would you recommend, Vultr or Digital Ocean? And would these steps for Vultr work the same in DO? Thanks for the video.

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