HostGator Plans Explained: Which Hosting Plan To Choose?

HostGator Plans Explained: Which Hosting Plan To Choose?

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Let’s explain the HostGator shared hosting plans. HostGator is offering 3 main web hosting packages; Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans. If you’re just getting started, it’s very wise to understand the difference before opting in.

In this video, I’m telling you the main difference between the three packages offered by HostGator. And showing you which web hosting plan is the best based on your actual needs and requirements.

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5 thoughts on “HostGator Plans Explained: Which Hosting Plan To Choose?

  1. these fucking fake gurus!, when he started with if you are hosting just one domain then the first plan should be fine!, then i knew that all he cared about was just for us to use his bullshit affiliate link!, listen we can read that on the website that the first plan is for just 1 domain, but the problem is what about if i am hosting just one domain but the website is big, like can it handle 100k users per month ? the answer is NO!, SO STOP READING FOR US WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THE WEBSITE AND GIVE US SOME REAL VALUE!

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  3. I think you could have gone into detail as to why you would choose the baby plan over the business plan especially if the business plan has more features. Are you saying the business plan features are useless?

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