Hostgator WordPress Install Tutorial 2020 | How To Install Hostgator On WordPress | Hostgator Review

Hostgator WordPress Install Tutorial 2020 | How To Install Hostgator On WordPress | Hostgator Review

So let’s get into it I am going to show you the way we recommend to get started with HostGator and install WordPress when you’re just getting started.. ( For those of you looking for a Hostgator WordPress hosting review, this will give you some perspective. )

✅ Update** WHEN INSTALLING WORDPRESS — In the Cpanel, at the very top under “Popular Links” click on “WordPress Installer” and then click the blue ‘Install Now’ button. Then at select “Choose installation URL ” and choose your new domain name and simply fill out the information as before and click the blue ‘Install’ button at the bottom***

So make sure you’re over at

then go ahead and click on get started

Now here’s we’re going to choose your hosting plan

And when first getting started I would recommend the hatchling plan if you only want one domain or if you want multiple domains I would go with the baby plan.

You don’t need the business plan now

The good news is you can always change plans to suit your needs.

I am going to go ahead and select the hatchling plan then click on buynow.

Now this is where you’ll enter in your domain name so hopefully you’ve thought this through and if not I would recommend using your first and last name to Brand yourself or your business name and try to stay away from hyphens if possible.

If you’ve already purchased a domain you would select this here and enter that domain name in here for this tutorial I’m going to assume you are registering a new domain name

so decide what you like and then type that in here and choose or whatever you’d like here…

Then enter a username and security pin and choose the billing cycle you’d like.

I’m going to go with the whole year as it’s slightly cheaper this way in the long run, It also unlocks a free domain as well

Next, enter in billing information here and make sure to use an email address you can access as hostgator will email you with your login details after.

Next you’ll see it’s added on extras here, so you want to uncheck these as you don’t need them, and now you want to enter the coupon code here, so enter hoshero validate it, and you’ll see the cost will go down, saving you up to 60 percent off your entire hosting, depending on the hosting package you choose.

Plus this will also unlock the 3 step WTC system.. if would like to learn how to properly set up your new website or blog to get traffic & customers so you can start generating money.

To be transparent we have partnered with HostGator to bring you this offer and we do get a commission for everybody that does sign up this really a win-win because you get a great price and a free course if you want and we get a Commission.

Now, when you’re happy with everything, click on checkout now and you’ll be the proud owner of your very own new website address.

Okay, awesome.

Now you receive a couple of emails from hostgator with your login details and some links to different things. This is very important, so first you want to find your email with your hosting billing portal link.

The subject line will say thank you for choosing HostGator.

Once you locate the email which looks like this go ahead and click the link and then grab your username and password as we’re going to log in.

we want to ensure your new domain is pointing to the right name servers, sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not so it’s always good to make sure this is set up properly so your website will display online.

Next we want to install wordpress.

You want to locate the email that says your account info we’re going to do the same thing here we’re going to click the link to the cpanel and login

the c panel link here and click on that.

The Cpanel is where you can, install wordpress to your domain name, and also do lots more stuff with your website , so log in using the username and password which you choose, and in case you can’t remember, they’re both in the email you just received.

At first. This might look a bit overwhelming. It did for me when I first saw it. There’s lots of different things you can do here, but all you need to do right now is find the software and services area, so scroll down and you’ll see it here.

Now find quick install and click on that in click on wordpress here.


All you need to do now is fill in a few things here such as the email address, the person who’ll be looking after your website , so if this is you, you can put in your email then the name of the person as well. Give your website a title, then your name and last name and click on install word press.

Once you’ve installed WordPress, you’ll get a success message that it’s complete. Your username and password are here.

You’re going to use these to log into your website. You’ll also get an email with all of this in it as well.

When you’re ready, click on this link here which will take you to the login or backend of your website so you can edit and start creating it,

5 thoughts on “Hostgator WordPress Install Tutorial 2020 | How To Install Hostgator On WordPress | Hostgator Review

  1. On namecheap you can enter the name servers yourself. You click manage > Custom DNS > Then enter your name servers > Then the check mark.

  2. Good video..would like if you can make a video once you have hosting to purchase another domain..and once you do how to install WordPress and so on.

    Also when i go to Control Panel on Host Gator there is so many options there..god knows how much staff is there that beginner don't understand..


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