Hosting a static web app on Google Cloud using GCS

Hosting a static web app on Google Cloud using GCS

In this episode of Get Cooking in Cloud, Priyanka Vergadia will share a recipe for creating static websites on Google Cloud.

Hosting a static website →
Making groups of objects publicly reachable →
Making data public →
Building scalable and resilient applications →

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12 thoughts on “Hosting a static web app on Google Cloud using GCS

  1. the step at 1:09 does not match with the instructions at Can you please check which ones are correct? Regardless, my website is not working following the instructions at both places.

  2. Note: If you just want to serve static web pages, then use `firebase hosting` – easy to setup, HTTPS, free unless you are getting >10gb/month traffic.

  3. Thanks Google Cloud Platform and Thanks Priyanka Vergadia for creating this video and explaining the concepts crisp and clear. It really encouraged me to create this 8 min video demonstrating how to host a static web template in Google Cloud storage

  4. I really like how this video covers all the small details, yet she makes it interesting and fun to watch. Creating a static website on GCP with GCS is straight forward, but now, I know it like the back of my palm! Thanks Priyanka!

  5. This is a very good video. There is technical depth in this video. Combine this video with your links and you can actually build (cook up) a real static website. I suggest creating a Qwiklab for each video and then we would have an entire training path with this series.

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