Hosting a static website on Amazon S3 (AWS howto)

Hosting a static website on Amazon S3 (AWS howto)

In this video I will show you how you can host a static website on Amazon S3.

Want to automate this process? You can use s3_website to automatically setup your bucket and deploy your website. Check out my tutorial on how to use s3_website:

► What is S3?
S3 stands for Simple Storage Service, an online storage service that allows you to store unlimited files in the cloud.

► Why would I use S3 instead of a regular host?
Regular shared hosting providers charge you a fixed amount every month. That’s regardless of the amount of files you store or the amount of visitors you get. Most cheaper webhosting companies also don’t cope well with high traffic websites. Suddenly got featured on Reddit or Hacker News? A regular hosting provider might suspend your account for all the traffic! With S3 you only pay for what you use and it’s highly scalable.

► What does it cost?
To give you an example of cost: when my blog receiver 1000 visitors per month I was paying just 6 cents to host it!

Check out more detailed S3 pricing here:

Or use the calculator to estimate your AWS bill:

► I want to read more!
Check out my detailed blog post on how to host a Jekyll powered blog on S3:

Want a free SSL certificate for your website? Check out my tutorial on Amazon Certificate Manager:

► Code snippet
This is the bucket policy that I use for static website hosting:

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43 thoughts on “Hosting a static website on Amazon S3 (AWS howto)

  1. Though the flow is a bit different with updates to the S3 dashboard, this was very helpful, over 4 years later! Thanks!

  2. Why bother to block out the names of the buckets when you're going to expose them through your magnifying wipe?

  3. This guide is outdated, the S3 creation user journey is changed, and blocks policy edition by default.
    That gave me a permission denied error that took me a while to debug.
    The solution was to uncheck all the public access settings boxes – then edit the policy – then block new edits in the public access settings again!

  4. my website connects to Postgresql , is it static ? can it be hosted on s3.???
    I have made the website using Django, having used html, css, js, popper.

  5. Thanks for the video, greatly recommend people watching for creating your website. Again, happy thanks even though its been years ago. Great job!

  6. How would you update content after the website is created? I tried editing the index.html file and I still don't see my updates.

  7. Thank you so much!!! I have a final due tomorrow and I couldn't figure this out at all. You made it so easy to understand!

  8. i have a domain name and i want to host a static website on same with minimal traffic like 100 visits per month , is aws s3 a good option

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