40 thoughts on “Hosting a static website with HTTPS on an S3 bucket

  1. i tried following this method …but i am not getting any mails from aws regarding this validation ..what should i do ?

  2. When is amazon going to put this video up on their website documentation?! People are begging for info on how to do this

  3. The best one I've seen on this subject. Every other video was either over complicated or missing key info.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this tutorial. Very clear and easy to follow, got my SSL up and running in less than 10 minutes… after hours of research online. Thank you thank you!!!

  5. Very well explained with crisp steps. I was able to get the long pending issue for me resolved in minutes. Thank you Christopher

  6. if I have a webiste named reseller.echojoy.in and after the completion of the process the https version works but if I type reseller.echojoy.in i again go to the normal version.How to resolve it

  7. Thanks! This was the best tutorial I have followed till date. Following the documentation never helps 😝

  8. Great video man! Just started getting into AWS and couldn't set up my S3 bucket with https. Following your video saved me hours of headaches!

  9. Thank you for the video and being straightforward with the instructions. You didn't waste my time and solved my problem.

  10. great video. Got my website up but it does not have https://. I selected the redirect to http or https, but it does not show on my website. Could it be somewhere else? thanks

  11. hattet ihr mal den Fall das anscheinend alles korrekt validiert und in verwendung ist aber die https funktion ausbleibt?

  12. UPDATE: The CloudFront Disctribution is now deployed and working as expected.!

    Great thank you Christopher. Just what I needed, however the www version is not working at all now (it was working previously unsecured)…

  13. Awesome 🙂 Helped me upgrading my site from S3 to Cloudfront 🙂 You can find it here https://www.topswagcode.com

  14. hey best tutorial to that topic! only one question: if I type in the browser: example.net or https://example.net it works … but for some reason it doesnt open www.example.net … HELP!

  15. I just have one question though, why is it that when I use example.com it's not automatically redirected to https? but when i use https://example.com it does load.

  16. In ref to the cloudfront set up, is it possible to add both CNAMES to the same distributions (and thus save creating a second Cloudfront set up) ?

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