Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform | Free Hosting

Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform | Free Hosting

I’m going over how to set up and host a website on the free tier of Google Cloud Platform. Never pay for hosting again when it can be free! Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
02:42 Installing VM in GCloud
04:40 Connecting to GCloud
05:26 First Boot
06:10 Swap file and optimizing
07:45 Editing fstab
08:26 Installing LAMP stack
10:08 Started Configuration (IP and domain)
11:45 Modifying Host file for Local DNS (Not Required)
12:38 Domain Setup in Apache
14:08 Editing Config
15:45 MySQL & PHP Setup
18:24 PHP Modifications
20:10 Installing WordPress
21:28 Configuring WordPress
23:10 Testing Results
25:12 Tuning the Server
26:35 MPM Prefork Configuration
27:54 GitHub script
29:00 Conclusion

– Recommended VPN :: Express VPN ::
– Website Guide with Commands used ::
-FAQ on Google Cloud Platform Free Tier ::

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25 thoughts on “Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform | Free Hosting

  1. Step by Step Article on
    2:42 Installing and connecting to the VM
    5:21 Initial Config of VM
    8:24 LAMP Stack Install
    10:01 Local DNS Bypass (NOT REQUIRED!!)
    12:30 Configure Apache2
    15:42 Database and PHP Configuration
    20:10 Install WordPress
    25:10 Tuning the Micro Instance for Websites

  2. great video, however after everything is set up, I tried installing a WordPress theme and it prompted an ftp login stuff. had no clue what to put in the Hostname, FTP Username and FTP Password

  3. Does this platform allows you to run a Windows 2020 like a laptop on cloud for free? Something along the line of amazon ec2.

  4. When he says paste this into terminal at the 5:00 then just pull up a green code screen that he did not show us how to get too. 90% of viewers who are noobs are now lost.

  5. What trick makes the hosting free? It is not clear if I do not install all that useless for me soft can I get free hosting or not?

  6. My goodness ChrisT. I never thought that this would be that easy. Been dealing w/ shared host companies w/ poor servcies for year. But this i have total control. Open a new world for me and it wont be for word press. Great job on vids. Fun, Good Pace, and added humor. Thanks a bunch and happily subscribed and will be following.

  7. You must have been grandfathered in to the service. Now they only offer free trial, after which they will charge.

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