Hosting a Zoom Baby Shower | TIPS & TRICKS (2020)

Hosting a Zoom Baby Shower | TIPS & TRICKS (2020)

Zoom baby shower’s are new for a lot of us, and we’re still figuring out this whole beast. I think our baby shower was really fun, and several people texted and called me afterward to tell me that actually had a great time! So I get into everything we did to make our Zoom baby shower go smoothly, all the activities we planned, and things I would have done differently now that I know better. I’m sure these tips could also be used for bridal showers, you would just adjust the games.

Sorry for the caption at 18:52 I forgot to remove it! XD

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Supplies used for the backdrop:
– Backdrop
– Balloon Arch
– “OH BABY” Balloons

Websites used:
– Spotify
– My Name That Tune Playlist
– One Drive power point (you can really use any presentation tool)
– Adobe Spark

0:00 Intro
4:04 Pros of a Zoom Baby Shower
7:48 How many people can you invite?
10:05 Setting up your Zoom account and Evite
15:39 Letting your guests know how to join the event
17:13 Setting up a gift drop-off
19:25 Setting up an Amazon baby registry
28:06 Gift warpping options with Amazon
29:24 What a gift wrapped amazon package looks like
31:29 Tips for handling the Amazon gifts before the shower
32:26 Have a Plan / Making an Agenda
34:06 Breakout rooms
36:26 Mom’s belly game
37:09 Video Guestbook
37:59 Tips for sharing the video guestbook
39:24 Diaper Game
39:55 How to play Name That Tune on Zoom
43:35 Tips for opening gifts
44:33 Saying goodbye to everyone
46:46 Should you record the shower?

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6 thoughts on “Hosting a Zoom Baby Shower | TIPS & TRICKS (2020)

  1. Wow we are BFFs now lol! You were spot on with the details and great ideas. Thanks for organizing the video with time stamps. Thanks for being so thorough too.

  2. Loads of information – thank you for that. Break out rooms especially was helpful!!

    Next round I would drop the background music. It’s distracting because it is so faced paced repeating and takes away from all the sharing you are doing. All in all great video with many tips and tricks. Thanks and best of luck with your little one— You’ll be a great mom!

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