Hosting Tips for E-Commerce Sites

Hosting Tips for E-Commerce Sites

Hello this is Mikel Bruce with Tiny Frog Technologies. Recently I did a video blog post on e-commerce websites, WooCommerce websites and the importance in security and maintenance and performance. I would like to talk a little bit about hosting an e-commerce site and specifically a WooCommerce site which is essentially a WordPress e-commerce website.

WooCommerce sites and e-commerce sites in general tend to be much larger web sites – meaning the databases are much larger. Meaning that they store much more data. Now these larger web sites tend to put more drain on the resources of a hosting environment. So if you have a WooCommerce site or any WooCommerce site or an e-commerce site for that matter and if you’re sticking on a traditional shared hosting environment on GoDaddy or Bluehost or Hostgator or any traditional host for that matter, you’re probably going to have problems in a relatively short period of time. Especially as you get more orders and the database gets larger. Again it’ll put a strain on the resources of the hosting environment. It’ll either one of which it’ll cause the site to slow down which is typically the most common thing that happens. Secondly it’ll make the site potentially more vulnerable to hackers. And thirdly it could actually cause the site to go down and which is obviously a big problem.

If you do have a WooCommerce site and you’re getting a fair amount of orders it should probably be hosted on a much better or much more secure hosting platform. We maintain quite a few WooCommerce sites at this point. We host and maintain all of our WooCommerce sites on servers at WP Engine which is a much more robust hosting platform that’s specifically designed for WordPress and WooCommerce.

If you have an e-commerce site or WooCommerce site I would recommend having your developer run some speed tests on the site to see how fast the site is and how well it’s performing. If you’d like to have that done we can do that at no cost. Those results will help to determine whether or not the hosting environment is properly supporting the website. If you have any questions on supporting and maintaining WooCommerce sites please let us know.

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