Hosting Website on 000webhost (for FREE) & making it Live | Tutorial - 19

Hosting Website on 000webhost (for FREE) & making it Live | Tutorial – 19

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——————————————————————————————— In this tutorial we will make our portfolio website live by hosting it on 000webhost is a web hosting company which provides hosting space and domain name services. It also provided paid services but in our case we will be going with the free solution for starters since we are beginners.
The process of web hosting with 000webhost is very easy –
1. Visit
2. Sign up for a free account (you can sing up with social media too)
3. Once you verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent onto your registered email your account will be ready to use.
4. You will be provided with a dashboard to create a new website(basically a server space will be allocated)
5. Enter the name and password of your website and click create.
6. Once everything is good, your web hosting space will be created and you will be given a sub domain name to access your website.
7. You then have option to create a website with a web buider tool, a wordpress website or you can upload your webpages from your local machine to the server using the FTP service.
8. We will be using the FTP way that is accessed by clicking the file manager option.
9. Once you select the file manager you can access the files in the public_html folder which is basically your live web server space.
10. Here we will upload the files of our website.
11. While uploading you can individually upload each and every file or create a zip file of your entire project code and upload that and then unzip it on the server. Thats a better option.
12. Once that is once, you simply visit the subdomain link provided to you by 000webhost and your website will be visible.

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33 thoughts on “Hosting Website on 000webhost (for FREE) & making it Live | Tutorial – 19

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  2. Is there any option to make the website (status to sleep mode) during unwanted time???. Normally status is running…. please give me a reply, thanks in advance

  3. Sir after uploading website everything is working fine but dropdown is stopped working. In system it is working fine but in website its not. this is my website link please reply .

  4. index.html wala concept samajh nahi aya.
    mujhe kya main file Ex abc.html ko index.html me change karna hai kya?

  5. i have my website on 000webhosting free but they are not giving me acces in my website files i want to downlaod my website files and want to host another paid service..Any Solution Sir….?

  6. if i wanted to word press website live in 000webhosting, I have follow your tutorial or something else I will to do?

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