Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server
You don’t need a VPS or Webhost that costs a lot of money. You can do it through GitHub and Netlify with your OWN Domain for Free! Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
02:23 Netlify Pricing
03:27 Creating New Site with GitHub
06:07 Creating a New Post
07:30 Doing the Publish through Git
08:43 Webpage Speed and Optimization
11:11 Editing Hugo with VS Code
12:26 Conclusion

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23 thoughts on “Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

  1. Can you make a video showing or explaining if .NET core websites work in netlify, as there seems to be free hosting for .net application websites

  2. You can also host a free site on Amazon Web Service S3 buckets. It would also be a static site. The only cost you incur is the Route 53 DNS charges.
    In fact most AWS stuff is pretty cheap or free until you get to databases. AWS is obviously constructed around invoicing you for database usage.

  3. But Netlify can become very expensive. Taxing $20 for 100GB/ month ? I think I would choose a hosting service like Hostgator instead.

  4. If the website is hosted on Github, or Gitlab. What are the benefits of using Netlify? I haven't used Netlify before, so I really want to know the answer to this question. Also, I have another question that I can't find a good answer for. What are the alternatives for Disqus if I want to have comment section on my static website?

  5. Could you do a video of how to convert the WordPress site we created (using your video about Google cloud vm hosting) to a static website like what you’re showing? VERY interested.

  6. DynDNS and FreeDNS allow you to get a free domain name, you only need to put up with one of the stock suffixes, like "" or "" but can prefix them with whatever you like if it's not registered already.

  7. Why not just use Github Pages? I guess maybe it doesn't work with Hugo but it works great with Jekyll and plain HTML sites, which is probably enough for most people.

  8. lol… people lie to their face and people buy it!

    if I dont need a server why am I paying netlifly?

  9. VPS / Containerised Servers still have their place though. Like what if you need a backend database and PHP for example?

  10. This is great Chris. But if I may, would you make a separate video for windows user? Perhaps I'm missing something here or I am still confused with the whole Linux terminal thing, but I'd always love to learn new things. Cheers! – Colin

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