42 thoughts on “Hosting Your Own Website On A Windows Server (PHP & ASP with IIS)

  1. Hello. I want to deploy two scripts on my server one is moodle and second is nopcommerce. Can I host two website using one static IP. Please guide

  2. I will not give Godaddy more money. The assign their own IP to your domain and the want $12 for a dedicate IP

  3. This is still helpful, even in Windows Server 2019. Comming from Apache this is very confusing, but you made it very easy. Thanks!

  4. i have installed iis on my local pc and want to use it for hosting ..i have purchased a domain… please make a video how can i configure godaddy to point my domain to my laptop so that my website goes live… i put my real static ip on names server but it opened my router page instead of my laptops iis website … please guide me from scratch how can i do it because godaddy interface is also changed please help me out plz thumbs up for ur help

  5. Hello,
    I have IIS server that hosted many live website on it, I need to move just one of these website to another separate iis server.
    I need a full steps to migrate the folders and database of that website to the new iis server please

  6. thanks for this tutorial . Very useful . i am using windows based server subscribed from www.datasoft.ws

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  9. Noob question: When I create the ASP and PHP txt files as he outlines, then try to load them using http://localhost/ , it seems to load the file in the view of a FTP file server and it will let me open the file as a txt instead of the intended display. This is on windows server 2016. Anyone have any ideas about which setting would need to be adjusted? Much appreciated. note: I did uninstall the FTP server and reboot, but still had same issue.

  10. I have api in web service c# can I make a curl by php using localhost or free host? I need help to solve this problem.

  11. Hi, I am able to publish my website successfully however when other people want to visit my website they are not able to please tell me what exactly I'm doing over here

  12. Hello,
    This is my first project in IIS, so I am a newbie. I was creating an intranet website with wordpress on IIS. Everything was set up, but i noticed that though I can access the webiste on the IIS server but i cant access it outside the server in the same network/domain or even outside the network. What are my missing?? Please I need your help

  13. this will make localhosted website ..automatically online? i mean if i do all this port forwading with satatic ip ? or do i need make changes in config file or something! if possible please respond

  14. These days, hosting a website on a #windows #server with the help of (PHP, ASP & IIS) is easy! BookMyIdentity also offers multiple hosting solutions at attractive costs!

  15. when i add a default.asp in wwwroot and clicked on browse 8 it gives me The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory. when i enable directory listing it gives the view like a file manager which i dont want .. how to fix this

  16. i'm trying to follow you but i can not find the server management consol would plz clear it step by step

  17. I have created a website using mvc. But I am not able to deploy it in the domain I bought. Can anyone help???

  18. When you are configuring the website domain are you entering the public ip address or the local address of the server on the network

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