Hostinger Review 2020: What Newbies Should Know Before Buying? Watch This First!

Hostinger Review 2020: What Newbies Should Know Before Buying? Watch This First!

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This video is a good Hostinger review for 2020 that will help you see what to expect with Hostinger hosting and my personal experience using them over the almost 3 years.

Hostinger is very reliable with great customer service and uptime. They have cPanel with website builders and tutorial guides for beginners.

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A great step-by-step guide to create websites using Hostinger

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13 thoughts on “Hostinger Review 2020: What Newbies Should Know Before Buying? Watch This First!

  1. Could you please make a video on "how to redirect a Hostinger domain name to any website", asap, in English. Thank you.

  2. Hii Please Help me😢😢
    My domain is from godaddy and i whould like host in hostinger. Hosting package coming with 100 mail id. If use godady domain in hostinger will i get 100 email? can i use 100 mail with dodaddy domain?
    Please.. Anyone helpme😢

  3. I am signing up to hostinger not because of the company itself but because of your feedback. I hope you will be available incase i need help. ty. takecare.

  4. Not recommended at all !
    I am with for a while now, and I found it very inconvenient and painful. I rather to pay twice or even three times but not to get that much pain and suffer from Hostinger ……!

  5. I opted for Hostinger 3,4 months ago. I'd like to share my experience with all of you guys willing to see both sides of the picture. HONESTLY….I am having a really hard time with them. Every now and then I see "ERROR 522" (connection timeout, Host Error) on both my websites hosted at Hostinger. Shifted my server location from Asia to Europe, and it was flawless for a while. But now a days, I've started facing the same issue. And unfortunately these guys are not even available on chat during the lock down. So, please do your own research before going all in with them for 2 or 4 years period. They don't give any refund once the first 30 days have passed.

  6. I can't find any hostinger VPS Php website setup tutorial. Also can you tell, I am making a social network and not a blog, should I go for shared hosting or VPS?

  7. don't websites need to be ssl now for google to list you which makes the business plan most affordable so you don't have to pay for ssl on your own.

  8. what would you suggest for a virtual assistant who wants a blog as well I really only need one website but if I have limits Im a bit nervous

  9. Hello Rajan, this is a great step-by-step guide that you can use to learn website creation & their hosting. Hope this helps sir.

    Get started here:

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