Hostinger Review - Pros and Cons of This Excellent Cheap Web Host

Hostinger Review – Pros and Cons of This Excellent Cheap Web Host

Let’s review Hostinger to see just how good a host that has an .80 cents a month plan can really be. What are the pros and cons and are they viable alternative to Blue Host? Short answer is Yes! Visit

Hostinger is an excellent web host for the price and performance. They may not have the name brand recognition of Blue Host or SiteGround but considering that they provide a service that is pretty much on par with Blue Host and SiteGround (SiteGround is a bit faster and has better up-time slightly, but they should since they cost $20 a month) and have some excellent prices you really should take a second look at Hostinger.

In this detailed review I took a look at the following areas:

Hostinger Prices – 1:06
Hostinger Features – 9:00
Hostinger Speed – 15:50
Hostinger Support – 17:57

► Hostinger is my favorite budget web host. They provide good, reliable hosting at some of the lowest prices around. You can get 4 years of web hosting for example for under $45:

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► Hostinger can’t be beat on price and performance. They offer the same product as Blue Host (which costs $15 a month) but for much less. You can literally get a 4 year hosting account for .80 cents a month.

They also don’t have a low introductory rate but a very high renewal rate like SiteGround. If you want an quality affordable web host, Hostinger is it.

► So they are the perfect web host? No of course not. The biggest issue for me is that they don’t include the SSL installation. Most web hosts do this on your behalf. With Hostinger you need to pay for it or learn how to setup an SSL certificate yourself. It’s not too complicated, but an SSL is a non-negotiable for today’s internet.

They also charge for a professional email. For most this not a big deal. If you’re building a niche website that makes money from affiliate marketing and advertising it’s irrelevant.

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7 thoughts on “Hostinger Review – Pros and Cons of This Excellent Cheap Web Host

  1. Worst service hostinger

    1. Day 1: shared hosting: simple dynamic website hit process limit frequently. Reason unknown. Code was perfectly working in another hosting with lower config
    Day 2: contact to support: first email, they told me memory limit is fixed in shared hosting so you should move to cloud hosting. I said no, and I manually stop the processes, and again site was working – (Support conclusion: Upgrade to new server they have recommended to me )

    Day 5: shared hosting limit reached again, reason unknown… Email support after 10hours (site down) told me to upgrade again.

    Day 10: same…

    Day 11: upgrade to cloud hosting – which is totally throwing money on it as its not requested by my code as it is simple, dynamic website, not heavy,

    Day 15: execution time of PHP was so tight (60 sec) which I want to make (600 Sec). (Old server was providing unlimited time option for this) so I contacted support, they said, OUR RESOURCE IS LIMITED FOR SHARED AND CLOUD HOSTED. Now My mind stuck… after that comment support told me to upgrade to VPS ( seriously!!! Do I really needs to spend 200$ each month on this hosting)

    Guys, don't go for hostinger. I never recommend you to go for it.

  2. There's a plugin (WP LetsEncrypt) that makes the SSL installation dead easy (at least for Hostgator users like me). The only con is that you need to update the certificates every 3 months or pay a $39,99 one-time fee and the plugin will do it automatically. Thank you for the email hidden fee of Hostinger, I didn't know that. I'll change provider in the next 50 days, I started my research from now and I was super hooked with Hostinger until this video… $6/mo ($72 per year!) to have a domain-based email? That's outrageous. And I just tested my site on that Bitcatcha site and it gives better times (for Hostgator Baby plan) than Hostinger in all locations available, except London and Germany. Thanks for the info bro

  3. Thanks for watching 🔔 Subscribe if you're enjoying the videos here –
    Hostinger can be found here: (code WEBPRO for a discount)

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