How Are HIPAA Requirements Met for Web Hosting, Cloud Computing & Colocation?

How Are HIPAA Requirements Met for Web Hosting, Cloud Computing & Colocation?

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Why do Fortune 500 Medical Companies use COLOpeople?

COLOpeople is a team of IT, Colocation, Data Center, & Cloud experts that have wholesale pricing contracts and executive relationships with the very top Data Center, Cloud & IP Companies in the World. We will get you immediate and aggressive pricing from the companies that fit your requirements. After the contracts are completed, we will STILL be there for you and continue to work with you side-by-side and both assist in handling issues as well as assisting with Nationwide or Worldwide growth and disaster avoidance. That is what we do.

Medical and HIPAA Compliance

Whether your needs are HIPAA Cloud Computing, HIPAA Web Hosting or HIPAA Colocation, COLOpeople has facilities that fit your needs. We have many large clients that rely on us to provide them with both multi-geographical and multi-provider contracts that meet both Government HIPAA requirements as well as HIPAA-specific facility contracts that your legal department requires for Insurance and liability reasons. We can also provide HIPAA on-site private-cloud ramps (billed only as used or needed) for days or times that may exceed your existing capacity so you don’t have to design and implement hardware to meet your “maximum” need. This HIPAA-compliant “ramp” provides unbelievable flexibility that can reduce your costs by over 30%.

There are several “Online” Colocation companies, why should I contact COLOpeople?

If you are interested, we would be happy to give you referrals to these folks. We know them. The vast majority of companies marketing “colocation” on the Internet will simply send your information as a “lead” to multiple providers who may or may not be able fit your requirements. This frequently results in you receiving continuous phone calls and emails and being added to lists that can add yet more phone calls and emails. COLOpeople operates very differently. We have already vetted the companies that meet our very demanding criteria and will work with them 1:1 on your needs. We do not share your email or phone information until we have moved forward (with you directly) to a point that we are negotiating your terms and pricing with one or two facilities or virtual providers. This is another reason why everyone from tech startups to “Fortune 50” companies come to COLOpeople.

I don’t like “Contractors” or “Sales Agents”. I would prefer to go to the facility directly.

We understand this perspective and it is the most common commentary we hear. The reason Major Corporations and Tech Startups come to COLOpeople is because we are NOT the provider. We are Data Center, Cloud, and Colocation experts that focus on the IT Industry. When you ask us a question or have specific needs, we will give you an answer or make educated recommendations that are based on our day-to-day operations with both multiple providers and multiple (or virtual) facilities Nationwide AND Worldwide. We understand the industry and pricing, we have wholesale contracts with the providers, and we can analyze your needs (everything from power and density to security and physical locations) immediately and make suggestions about which facilities would best suit your needs at pricing that fits your budget. Referral & Sub-Agent Programs for Cloud, Data Center & Colocation.

We have an outstanding & lucrative program for sub-agents and referrals that bring us some of the finest and most recognized clients in the world. We are proud of the relationships we maintain with many Fortune 500 companies and do our very best to promote the interests of emerging markets and start-ups. Our client and referrer list is, of course, confidential.

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