44 thoughts on “How Cloud Computing Became a Big Tech Battleground | WSJ

  1. Cloud networks are awesome, device's through higher transfer speeds, can achieve more higher computions collectively. In which from cloud server's, then by it's own initial device's hardware.

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  4. Nothing exposes sensitive information like cloud computer storage and hypervisors.Very bad idea indeed only promoted by IT technicians who have no other means of employment and have all become intoxicated with a form of ransomware and computing architecture.No more "click bait" instead it's "click and we dictate fees and excarebate benefits while you fail an actual checkup on your prostate".

  5. WOW Ppl who STILLING FROM YOU, CHEETING YOU, MONOPOLIZED YOU, CLOSED ALL SMALL BUSINESS OFFER YOU TO GIVE THEM EVERYTHINK WOW GREAT DEAL 🙂 Like GitHub? Give me all your software for free and expect to get paid after? and ppl will make their software worthless and wonder why nobody brought anything after they provide all code for free for everyone to see? 🙂 snowflakes 🙂 they so funny 🙂

  6. Very good choice Elite Collaboration which I will support I rather Microsoft Lead Cloud Computing instead of Google & Amazon & alibaba FORGET ABOUT iT!! No thank u I’ll take Microsoft Azure Anyday & only Microsoft Azure

  7. Microsoft won the Pentagon contract because the Generals @ the Pentagon were too afraid of Trump and his cronies and rigged the bidding process. Cowards. Expect Amazon to sue and win part or all of this contract.

  8. The biggest vulnerability to AWS is it's vast list of services. Going through picking the right one is a headache. Azure along with OF365 is just simple and a no-brainer.

  9. People: "I don't understand how come software people earn so much money".

    Software industry scaling capabilities: Me neither

  10. AWS is still the market leader and is going to remain so for the foreseeable future because it is innovating at a rapid pace and caters to businesses of all sizes. Today it has more than 150 services and a wide geographical reach. AWS offers a strong value proposition to even small companies which can get started by purchasing a domain name from Amazon Route 53, host a WordPress website on Amazon Lightsail and use Amazon Workmail for their business email needs. Once the enterprise market gets saturated the cloud battleground is going to shift to the SME space where AWS offers a strong value proposition too.

  11. Decentralized cloud computing is the future. Make more sense the public would benefit more if they perform the due diligence vs the big tech companies. # Sia

  12. @Wsj – laugh out loud bad reporting. That BoA article was about how much they saved by NOT leveraging the public cloud

  13. Can't wait for #Alphabet with #Google to outbeat the rest with their hands on #CloudComputing innovation.
    I wonder what's #IBM, #Adobe and #Oracle have got up with their sleeves though!

  14. This article seems to be missing one of the biggest key components in cloud computing…and that's the infrastructure that connects these clouds through global networks. There's Tata Communications that owns about 30% of the world's fibre backbone and connects most of these data centers via their 15 Tbps Tier 1 network. Without that network infrastructure, these clouds are completely disconnected and useless.

  15. I propose space computing. Place the entire data center in geo synchronous orbit. No real estate cost, no electricity cost, no safety and security cost….

  16. Microsoft is dirty, has been for years. A Rockefeller type Enterprise that destroys industries. Should have been broken up by the DOJ. Media never tells truth about unethical Microsoft that doesn't innovate anything, just steals. Facebook is it's social media clone…notice Microsoft hasn't entered social media???

  17. Safety and privacy aware companies, on the other side need just an easier way to maintain servers internally. Outsourcing everything to private corporations that serve $s instead of people, in the long run, is going to create the same infrastructure problems that USA has having with roads, just to name one. A conflict or non-alignement of interests is and will be at the core of this inevitable issue.

  18. AWS is still way ahead of everybody else. 60% of the growth rate for MS is confusing as we are talking about much smaller absolute numbers.

  19. The cloud computing industry could be at risk though because these cloud providers have failed to properly secure the data. They need to implement solutions to offer the customer to encrypt their data before it is sent to the cloud. That way it is guaranteed to not be at risk.

  20. I don't know how to square the 225 billion USD cloud market size at 4:15, and the pie chart at 3:44 showing AWS having almost half the market, with Amazon's AWS revenue being around 26 billion USD for the first 3 quarters of 2019.

  21. Alibaba? Good luck with that. I am sure lots of companies CTO will sleep well with their data in the Chinese company's server.

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