25 thoughts on “How do I securely access my Amazon S3 static website?

  1. The tutorial is missing this part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge-dkZgqLKg Since in the domain certification stage, you must update the CNAME record on your DNS service provider. If the provider is AWS 53 you can do it with AWS 53 otherwise in my case, I have to connect to GoDaddy and add the CNAME record there. The video is quite confusing, I hope this can help someone stucks.

  2. How much time needed to get acm validation??, I m waiting for three days, my status is pending validation from 3 days

  3. Custom SSL Certificate (example.com): is greyed out for me. I already created a ssl certificate in cert manager for an s3 bucket website for which I also purchased a domain in Route 53. What should I do?

  4. On the https://youtu.be/sf-JWDDw2O4?list=TLPQMTMwNDIwMjBvfJQAFfztFg&t=203 account and web site url are visible

  5. Technically changing S3 config is redundant, if you are only going to access the static resources from CloudFront endpoints.
    It is an artifact from hosting sites directly on S3.
    Also, turning on static hosting might expose your S3 through unsafe http, provided that the hacker knows your AWS-provisioned http address

  6. Hye!
    Thanks fro your video . Really useful. I have ine question. I already have configured and my site is running. However its still not showing secured it shows not secure. How and where I need to modify .? What changes I need to make ? Please help me out thanks

  7. Many steps were skipped, also failed to mention about root and sub domains, plus how to validate the domain name. I would expect a complete coverage by an Amazon associate. The flow of the video was good, could use improvements.

  8. I would add a section where you create a Hosted Zone, and perhaps even delegate a domain bought somewhere else. Other than that, great tutorial!

  9. This is supposed to be a training/information video – yet you hide everything you enter! How must I know what you did to get a proper example???????

  10. What a waste of time!!!! Your bucket name and domain names must be the same (from what I can read). Please show the values you enter so people can see what the heck is going on…
    You can always delete it once you are done with the video!!!

  11. in s3 your blurring s3 bucket name but in url your bucket name visible…… how AWS Engg Works smart…… bucket name meghana.ga

  12. If the user is accessing the website from the cloudfront distribution , do we still need to create a bucket policy for anonymous user access ?

  13. Hi Meghna, You have forgotten to hide https://meghna.ga as the domain name while explaining route53 step.🤗

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