How I use all of the Self Hosted and Open Source software I've shown over the last year

How I use all of the Self Hosted and Open Source software I've shown over the last year

Based on the responses from my poll, I’m going through how I use all of the amazing, free, self hosted and open source sfotware that I’ve shown you over the last year. Timestamps are below, and should make little sections ont eh youtube timeline player as well if you simply want to jump around on the video.

I’ll have links to all of the related videos below, and will add cards to the upper right of the video in each segment if you want to jump over to that video to learn more and install it yourself.

Thanks you, so very much, to all of the subscribers, my patrons at Patrion, and to everyone who watches my videos. I hope you get something out of them, and I look forward to continuing my channel into the future.

=== Timestamps ===
00:00 Beginning
00:11 Introduction
01:30 How to find out more about me
03:05 Digital Ocean for Production and Testing
04:55 SSD Nodes for Production sites
07:30 Portainer – GUI for Docker
08:40 NGinX Proxy Manager – Website Proxying
12:00 BitWarden – Password Manager
13:20 Discourse – Forums
14:45 WordPress
15:15 Remotely – Remote Desktop Support
16:15 Ampache – Music Streamer
17:25 Shinobi – Security Camera Monitoring
18:55 MotionEyeOS – For Security Cam Control
19:20 Metabase – Automated Data Analytics
24:15 Jitsi Meet for Online Video / Audio Meetings
25:05 NetData (i’ll do a video on this soon)
26:25 Show Notes Site
26:45 MySQL Workbench
27:50 The Tops – htop, vtop, and gtop
29:40 Jellyfin – Home Entertainment
31:40 KdenLive – Video Editing

=== Links ===
Shinobi – Security Camera Monitoring

MotionEyeOS – Security Camera Control on Single Boards

Ampache – Music Streaming (like iTunes)

The Tops – Tools for Fast, Simple CLI System Monitoring

Remotely – Remote Desktop Support (Like Teamviewer or Anydesk)

Metabase – Automated Data Analytics

Jitsi-Meet – Onlinve Video and Audio Meetings

KdenLive – Open Source Video Editing

Portainer – GUI for Docker

OpenSprinkler – Sprinkler System Control with Raspberry PI

Gitlab – Open Source, Self Hosted Github

Jellyfin – Media Server for Streaming Video and Audio

Discourse – Open Source Forums

Pi-Hole – Send Ads to the either on your network

WireGuard – Fast, Secure, VPN

Joplin – Simple, Offlline / Online, Syncing Notes

NGinX-Proxy-Manager – GUI for NGinX Reverse Proxy

Barrier KVM – Software sharing of Keyboard and Mouse between systems

Mail-In-A-Box – Self Hosted Email server

BitWarden – Self Hostable Password Manager

MySQL Workbench

Flameshot – Linux based, simple, powerful screenshots

=== Contact ===
Twitter: @mickintx
Telegram: @MickInTx
Mastodon: @MickInTX

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What does the money go to?
To Pay for Digital Ocean droplets, donations to open source projects I feature, any hardware I may need to purchase for future episodes (which I will then give to a subscriber in a drawing or contest).

=== Attributions ===
Intro and Outro musc provided by

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