6 thoughts on “How to add Multiple Domains to your one Namecheap Cpanel Shared Hosting | Free SSL and WordPress

  1. Where can i find a video showing you use one or independent wordpress installation(s) on two different domains (for example thezenithplace.com and ussproperties.com )on one namecheap hosting (stellar package) plan?

  2. Hi thanks for sharing such an amazing video. But my question my website was running fine, and WP was installed too obvious lol . My friend has stopped given me hosting and the error was occurred the same "SORRY CONTACT YOUR WEBHOSTING SERVER" Now I followed your steps to add a domain as a secondary domain in my account…

    After doing everything successfully still website isn't live and facing the same error… how to resolve it?

  3. why u have not created a separate database for it?

    when i was creating a subdomain for my first site, i saw many videos and all of them created a seprate database for the subdomain ,

    now this is not a subdomain but its a separate new domain , should not we need create a separate database for it

  4. I tried to visit your website. It only shows exit. I would think it would be great if your website were real.

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