23 thoughts on “How to add Windows host to EVE-NG

  1. Hi, when I tried to browse for the floppy drive B. Nothing show, only see drive A, cd drive D: ESD-ESD and Boot X:. How and where can I fine it or make this work? Thank you.

  2. Hello mate, i am facing error "boot device not" found when i open vnc, even i am properly inserted image and command acording to video…please help

  3. After seeing your video I have installed EVE-Ng along with Router, Sw, FW, Windows7 and found my PC has been very low space. How can I deleted the installed files? Lets see, I need to delete windows7 and vASA. Where is the directory ? I have not found the specific path to deleted unwanted nodes. please help me.

  4. When I issue the commit command, it takes forever. It has been executing for nearly 60 minutes now and I still haven't got the "image is committed" output. It is just there, hanging silently…

  5. After we have committed the image and later we want to save some files (applications), which also should be accessible as default whenever we are accessing the windows…. so can we create a test lab again add those files(applications) and commit the changes ?

  6. When I commit the changes I dont get the message saying "Image Committed". How long did it take for you to complete step 16?
    Note: When I WinSCP to view the file, I see it there but in my ssh terminal I don't see "Image Committed"

  7. i have downloaded a preloaded windows 10 image which is a qcow2 file,am adding it to addons/unet/qemu folder. Renamed it as virtioa.qcow2. I create new lab > add node but under the options windows does not get highlighted..only cisco IOL and VPCS..which step is missing ?

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