How to Backup Your Website in cPanel

How to Backup Your Website in cPanel

Website backups are super important. You never know if something is going to happen to your website that would cause you to lose data. In this video learn how to easily backup your site in cPanel.

In This Video You’ll Learn:
How to generate a full website backup
How to download and store your website backup
How to backup your WordPress website (Yes, this still works for WordPress!)
How to check your disk space usage
How to do a partial backup
What is Codeguard?

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16 thoughts on “How to Backup Your Website in cPanel

  1. I really liked your calm, peaceful instructions… I noticed that the current videos have this guy, who is a bit too hyper for me. I miss your videos! Please come back!

  2. Acciently I have install the wordpress on my domain and I don't have backup, What should I do, Please help. My server is Hostgator, Is there is an auto-backup option?

  3. i have a problem
    Backups Available for Download:
    Generate a Full Backup
    WARNING: Your account is TOO LARGE (Over 10gb) (Over 150,000 Inodes) for cPanel backups.
    how do i reduce it?

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