How To Buy Web Hosting From KnownHost

How To Buy Web Hosting From KnownHost

In this video tutorial, one of our Musemancer team members Surin shows you how to get your web host from KnownHost.

I’ve used a lot of web host services throughout my career, and jumped from 1 web host to another every few years.

We’re happy campers with KnownHost, and their support is amazingly fast and helpful (usually within minutes!)

We have a Dedicated Server and VPS with them, though for absolute beginners you can make do with a Shared Hosting or Reseller option.

And if you plan to have more websites, you can just upgrade later. Prices are rather affordable and competitive.

After getting this web host, you need to connect to your domain name. We’ll show how it’s done in the next video.

Get your KnownHost account at:

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