How to change primary domain using GoDaddy web hosting

How to change primary domain using GoDaddy web hosting

This video tutorial quickly covers how to change the primary domain of a GoDaddy web/classing hosting plan (Save pennies on the dollar with your next purchase:

For example, you start a plan for a customer that uses and the domain becomes the primary domain.

After some time, the same customer stops doing business with your company.

This leaves you choices of either cancel the account to start a fresh hosting account. Not too fast there.

Instead canceling or starting a new account, why not save yourself some time and repurpose the server to use a different domain name.

This tutorial will quickly walk you through how to change from one primary domain to the next.

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11 thoughts on “How to change primary domain using GoDaddy web hosting

  1. do I need to buy a new domain before changing? or if the new domain is free it will automatically change to the new one ?

  2. Please help
    I am in a domain already (in my school computer and domain) and I want to get out of that domain, and before I login to a user it says that the way to log into another domain is by typing (domain name)/(account name) but I don't know any domain name, please someone has an advice?
    Or how do I put an user/account on that domain? (The account is already an administrator account)

  3. how to Change my goddady domain name hosted with hostgator?
    Example : to
    please help me anyone.
    if i did any wrong spells..adjust and help me

  4. Alvin please help me.

    I bought the Deluxe plan with this domain name
    While creating the hosting, it suggested as an optional to add "Blog", I thought it is the type of my website, and I did that mistake.
    Now I want my site to be not

    Bro, Does this solve my problem and get rid of /blog at the end? Thanks a lot.

  5. when I change the primary domain, is it going to change the domain of the website I have ? so for example if youtube changes their primary domain to, if I visit is it going to have the old or im just replacing the main domain here?

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