How To Choose The Best Hosting For Wordpress: Shared vs. Managed Hosting

How To Choose The Best Hosting For WordPress: Shared vs. Managed Hosting

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If you’re looking into what kind of hosting you should get for your website, I’m happy to say that I am working with my long-time host, WP Engine to put out a couple videos talking about hosting and some of the things that I love about WP Engine and maybe pass along some hosting information that will be of value in the process whether you use WP Engine or a different web host. In this video, I break down the difference between a shared hosting plan and a managed host and why you should know the difference, especially if you run your own business and have a WordPress website.

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I’m proud to say that WP Engine is the sponsor of this video and has been providing me with hosting for the past few years. They’re really pretty great. –

13 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Hosting For WordPress: Shared vs. Managed Hosting

  1. I have been using GetLark hosting company for some months. I am very satisfied with the speed of loading pages, the quality of technical support. In addition, I earn money with them, for the order of another customer. I recommend 100%

  2. For those who wants to run their own Apps and services, AWS, or the best is digital ocean, simple easy to set, and very reliable. here is 10 Dollar for anyone wants to try it out.. DigitalOcean: Cloud Computing, Simplicity at Scale

    If you want shared environment not too techy then Bluehost is great.. The Best Web Hosting :

  3. I believe that GetLark will be a better platform for WordPress. The main advantages are: 14 days test period, which you can expand by another month by clicking on this link, very high performance (SSD and LiteSpeed), very simple dashboard and fast technical support.

  4. you are trying to sell this affiliate deal to hard.. you almost had me, but then i listen to the words you use..
    4000 views.. that's like 4 dollars worth of affiliate credit.
    you should spend your time on learning how to lie better, manipulate better, because you suck, you couldn't sell me water in Sahara, even if my life depended on it 😀

  5. Thanks for the video! I'm new to WordPress and I've been researching hosting because I plan on building a WordPress website in the near future. Why is it that SiteGround, a recommended hosting service, is so much cheaper than WPEngine for the same package? SiteGround is only $3.95/MO. compared to the equal plan of WPEngine that is $29/MO.

  6. It will still be shared though. Won't be a dedicated server. Managed is decision for support not performance. To be honest shared is also managed really so the whole title of this video is inaccurate.

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