How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Website in 2021

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Website in 2021

In this Video i Will Let you Know How to Choose best web hosting for your needs in 2021.
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0:00 Intro
1:21 Total Domains Registered
1:37 Domain Extension Domain registrar
2:13 What is Web Hosting?
2:54 Quality vs Price Example for best web hosting.
3:49 How To check Web hosting Uptime? web hosting explained
4:12 How To calculate Your Loss Amount?
4:55 importance of Quality by best web hosting 2021.
5:30 best free web hosting Space Options.
5:44 how many Users Searching Websites?
6:06 Best web hosting companies Importance of Location
6:40 Best location by best web hosting reviews.
6:51 Shared Hosting and what is best shared hosting?
8:08 Shared Hosting with website hosting review
8:50 Semi Dedicated VPS Hosting with best virtual private server hosting.
8:59 Best reseller hosting Vs Best Shared Hosting also best cloud hosting.
10:06 Dedicated Servers
11:13 best wordpress hosting from best managed wordpress hosting
12:10 importance of CDN
12:43 Features to Consider Before Buying
12:56 Best web hosting for wordpress Factor Of Pricing
14:21 web host Scalability
14:44 Uptime for VPS and Dedicated Servers
15:08 best web hosting for wordpress security.
16:25 Best SSL certificate you need for your website.
17:07 How to choose hosting for website bandwidth?
18:10 How to choose hosting for website Storage?
18:41 Web Building tool in website hosting
19:20 How to choose hosting for website with Free Migration
19:39 if Any Special Requirement in your best dedicated server or VPS.
19:56 OffShore Hosting
20:24 Linux vs Windows
20:54 Caching in your website host.
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25 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Website in 2021

  1. Sir, which hosting should I buy for the amazon affiliate website? I Am a beginner but I can afford best-shared hosting.

  2. If we run 6 website. Then Can we have hosting location of 4 website as india and 2 website as USA..(as these website are india nd us targeted) within single dedicated hosting plan?
    Or we have to buy separate hosting for different location?

  3. Make a video for one’s who are new to this field they want to learn basics from A to Z so please consider them !!

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