14 thoughts on “how to connect domain to hosting | How to link Your Godaddy domain name with your hosting account

  1. Bhai godaddy domain se go daddy he hosting mein kyse connect karthe hy ?
    With SSL certificate. Iska video bana please, Please 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Really nice Info if you want to add a domain in name cheap hosting Click here.
    Awesome video click here 👇

  3. how can I support you when you are speaking India, do you think everyone understands your language. This lecture is useless

  4. One simple question: how can I host an HTML website under a reseller account of godaddy? The domain name is applied from Godaddy as well. Thanks

  5. question… How to register multiple website on a single hosting …if we purchased unlimited website hosting plan ,,, plzzz reply,, do u any video on this topic..????

  6. If I purchased domain and hosting both from godaddy.. Then connection of domain with hosting is required..???? Or it automatically gets connected… ???? Plzz reply…

  7. Brooo
    I want to create fb quiz (saw Ur videos)
    Please suggest me Wer to buy hosting and domain (go daddy or …)…?

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