23 thoughts on “How to connect to EC2 w/ PuTTY (Windows)

  1. Hi i wanted to ask, like we created a new User in IAM and gave him
    Programmatic Access, How can we login thru putty with that user when AWS
    gave us only Access Key ID and Secret Key ID? please help..

  2. You voice is so powerful and delicious lol, btw thanks for the tutorial

  3. Jesus Christ how good is it to hear a normal voice and no funny accent behind it. So good.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. Thank you man I was hustling for many hour to find proper solution and because of you now I got it.

  5. I have done this over and over, and still can't connect. I get a blank command screen that I can't type in. Am I converting to RSA or SSH-1 protocol? I have tried both. Also, the resolution on the screen makes it hard to read, so I am not sure I am copying the correct portions off of the AWS connection screen. I have tried every set of data available; three hours later I still can't connect. Finally, there is a link that is supposed to go to a printed script, which would be really useful as I am hearing impaired, but it doesn't go to a script, it goes to a school that you can't even e-mail unless you are a business – it insists on a business e-mail to send the query. Could the fact that my instance is out of memory be keeping it from connecting?

  6. I had installed Ubuntu on my windows OS. I have also used Ubuntu extension. Even I tried using VM. Nothing helped but this video. I was thinking, I would never be able to SSH into my EC2 instance. You are great Sir. This video has helped me a lot.

  7. Tried the exact same procedure, but can't get it to work. Putty throwing Connection timed out FATAL Error. Can anybody help?

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