How to Connect to your Server with SSH

How to Connect to your Server with SSH

In this episode of the Advanced Support series, we will guide you in connecting to your server with SSH. Your shared hosting account gives you the ability to connect to an account via SSH, but you must connect using SSH Keys. First you must generate an SSH key, then download and convert it, and finally connect using an SSH client such as Putty.

Learn how to connect to your Server via SSH in the InMotion Hosting Support Center:

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11 thoughts on “How to Connect to your Server with SSH

  1. Will you please upload a video "How to Install CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)" in to WHM server. Also with example various port number. Because default port number is not working, say "refused".

  2. Everything is great– up to the point of connecting to the server. My putty says "network: error connection timed out"

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