18 thoughts on “How To Create a Business Email – 5 Minute Setup Guide

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  2. Hello Emit
    Thank you for the informed videos it has greatly helped in my work progress.
    I want to find out if you can do a video on moving your emails from one hosting to the other (especially using cpanel)?
    this is really appreciated thanks

  3. Hi, first i"m very thankfully for your this great informations. Please can you tell me which doodle software do you use for make animation for your videos?

  4. A doubt please help, to connect "Multiple Hostinger email's" do we need separate Gmail accounts ? or can be connected to single Gmail accounts?

  5. Please give me a solution. After I enter into Gmail setting account and added the email address that I had created in hostinger, I then realised that I had not created any password for hostinger access, because I had accessed through my other Gmail account. Now my Gmail is not abler to connect my hostinger server. Because perhaps I am having a password issue now. How do I solve this access issue ( I am talking about the step just before I select POP3 option setting. I think I am facing some password issue in Gmail add a mail account steps field. Please help me to solve this issue. I am facing password issue ( Ii had not created password at the time of signing up with hostinger. I had used other Gmail login access to enter hostinger.

  6. Thank you for sharing.I LIKED this video for all the informative knowledge that you gave in this video. Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

  7. Haha I was sure I watched this when I created my first business email and got confused at some point (nothing serious). Now it worked just perfect, thanks again Emit! You are my go-to when I'm wordpress level confused.

  8. Your contents are really worth watching bro. I am a website developer and really your video contents are like those YouTube channels having 500k+ subscribers.
    Love your videos bro.

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