How To Create a Cloud Server on DigitalOcean

How To Create a Cloud Server on DigitalOcean

This tutorial screencast will quickly walk you through creating an Ubuntu server on DigitalOcean. It will also teach you how to use the terminal to log in to your new server via SSH.

A written tutorial on the same topic is available here:

Check out the DigitalOcean Community for more system administration tutorials:

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45 thoughts on “How To Create a Cloud Server on DigitalOcean

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    When I tried to complain they don't even respond my email…
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  6. hey sir thanks for this amazing tut. sir i am new on digital ocean can you please provide a script(code) in ruby that start and stop droplets in digitalocean.Thanks waiting for your response

  7. This is definately NOT a how-to-create video! It simply shows you how to rent some amount of external storage space for a monthly fee! Creating a hardware cloud server is a different story, guaranteed!

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  14. Hi Digital Ocean Team, Can I use the above video to be embedded in my Wiki writing project for 10 days. After the project review period both the wiki and video will be deleted.

  15. I think I understand it better now.  Apps are basically Ubuntu with some other app.  I dont see any centos apps.  I am trying to do a centos with CWP install. I have installed Centos but am having trouble with cwp.  CWP is not compatible with centos 7 btw.

  16. Here's the thing I don't quite understand.  Every droplet is a unique IP.  OK.  Got that.  So I go thru the install process and it shows all the distros.  OK got that. But then there is Apps tab.  You can only select one of the apps for that unique IP/droplet.  And  you cannot select the distro that you want.  Its either/or.  So if I install the distro of choice, I can never go back and select the apps of choice.  I don't get that part.

  17. thanks, for this.
    Please consider

    – Create Swap
    – Install firewall (ufw)
    – Install fail2ban
    – Resize Droplet

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