24 thoughts on “How To Create A New Remote Desktop Using Kamatera On Mac OS & Windows – Step By Step

  1. I have a question, After creating successful Remote Desktop, I noticed you input another Ip within the Remote chrome and saved it on the remote desktop. What IP was that actually? I really badly need to know it. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic video. I would like to ask you if you know multilogin and what difference is there between them when it comes down to creating and managing multiple eBay account. Thanks Alexander!

  3. Have u ever had a problem with the geolocation from your servers? Some servers are showing different geolocation when u check it with different websites "where my ip is"

  4. Hey Alexander whenver i hit connect to the remotoe desktop server it says access denied everytime, how can i get around this?

  5. If i want to find something similar to kamatera..what should i search? Vpn or vps or remote desktop server..kinda of confuse of the diferrent..because i want find provider that support malaysia server to avoid suspicous from ebay

  6. Sasha, thanks so much for the shoutout, man! 🙏😃 I'm sure that this video will help a ton of people not only eBay Dropshippers BUT other Entrepreneurs who would like to tap in different countries in their industry.

    Lots of respect in everything that you do. Keep rockin' & rollin'! 😎

  7. Alexander , iam doing dropshipping for 1 year now and i found out about your channel 1 week ago , you have a very great content and very useful info even that I don't use AliExpress as supplier but still get alot of useful info from your videos , keep it up my friend 😉

  8. Alex i tried to use kamatera but they didnt accept debit card that i have , they need just credit card !
    Can you please give me an alternative to use ?

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