48 thoughts on “How To Create A Web Hosting Business With WordPress – WHMCS Tutorial

  1. nameserver is automatically shown it… so I change it to the name server. which is my reseller company gives me so I put on the nameserver area. when my new client buy my hosting plan..

  2. How do I contact named hero can anybody reply to me with a actual phone number where I can actually speak to a customer service agent

  3. If you would rather want a static template and not wordpress, make sure to check our newely released free hosting html template! Also amazing video as usual

  4. Hi ,I am interested
    Can I increase space after I purchase?
    How many cpanel I can create in this whcm?
    Can I extend resources?

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  6. So if it doesnt store the credit card if you use a provider like stripe, how does the client update their credit card when they get a new one?

  7. Hello if I buy reseller gold package from your site. Will I get whmcs license ? Because corporate is not available

  8. Sir, tell me one thing. Whmcs license key is with this Hosting. So it means if I will buy hosting from description link as you showed. Then in that case no need to buy whmcs license from official website. Please clear this

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  10. you leaked your private info at 9:46 on the right side // dont know if these are still right nor if they were ever correct

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  12. Hey Darrell, love this video and a massive thank you to yourself and Ryan for sharing your knowledge and for helping people like me. One thing though, you didn't spend much time explaining how to integrate WordPress with WHMCS. I personally don't want to show the front end of WHMCS and display all the front end menus etc because all my services such as hosting and services are part of my WordPress website. All i want to use WHMCS for is for signing up clients and billing. Do you have a video that shows how to use WHMCS just for signing up and billing clients etc and how to remove the various menus in WHMCS so they don't show to clients when they land on my WHMCS?

  13. If I am start a webhosting company through a web host reseller program can I offer my clients the option to resell MY webhosting services?

  14. Right now, Ryan is the leading authority in my books concerning web management. Excellent tutorial, very thorough as Ryan normally is.

  15. hello! why don't you teach us how to do an affiliate program in whmcs? We have a few clients who want to do affiliate marketing for our hosting products. But unfortunately, I don't know how I can make them affiliate member for marketing. I have watched both the whmcs tutorials but did not find anything about affiliate program in a detailed. Thanks in advance

  16. does the order of installation matter? I've had a divi site setup for a while with one hosting company….I bought a reseller account with another and tried installing WHMCS but I can't get to the log in page

  17. I'm Sold! But, I did set up the account on my domain. Now that it is set up and working, I'm not very happy with the WHMCS template. Is it possible for me to build my own website and change the destination of my URL and then, have a plugin for WHMCS on my website?

  18. Mr Darrel, I have a website that uses WHCMS as my billing module (XCaliberTV.com) and I would love to add domain hosting as well. Since I already have WHCMS for my IPTV service can I still incorporate the domain hosting into it and sell that in my store as well? And if so, how? Can I contract with your company to help me get up and running? My business email is [email protected] and i would love to hear from you regarding this issue.

  19. I would like to know if i make a mistake while in the DNS zone editing, is there a default or reset to start all over?

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