How to create a Windows VPS ||Cheap Hetzner VPS

How to create a Windows VPS ||Cheap Hetzner VPS

This video shows how to create a windows VPS and configure it for remote desktop access


26 thoughts on “How to create a Windows VPS ||Cheap Hetzner VPS

  1. Q. Once the windows cloud server is setup. How can we setup private networking so two nodes can speak to one another. Is there any other settings I need to implement to get private networking enabled

  2. Could you please make a step by step tutorial to create a rtmp:// video server with low cost server ?
    I need to push my video stream to server and other's should watch from stream on VLC
    Is that possible to make 24/7 ?

  3. Hi Tunan, thank you for your tutorial. I followed this tutorial so that I could setup an Hmail server. I also watched your video for that. The problem is I have to assign server roles and features and I am stuck on that. You didn't cover it in any of the videos. Please make another video if possible.

  4. I have problem i done create my account but i can't login again what i need to put in client number is this a email

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